Version 88

    NOTICE: JBossMQ will be replaced by JBoss Messaging in JBoss AS 5.0. 

    Go to JBossMessaging Wiki for more information on JBoss Messaging.


    JBossMQ will still be supported for at least two years after the final JBoss4 release, which probably means it be supported until around JBoss7 time.


    What is JBossMQ?


    A clean room implementation of the Java Message Service API part of the J2EE specification.

    It allows asynchronous delivery of messages in distributed systems with optional QOS parameters

    like persistence, guaranteed delivery or transactions.


    • JBoss-4.x supports the JMS1.1 version of the spec.

    • JBoss-3.2.x supports the JMS1.0.2b spec (from 3.2.8 it also supports JMS1.1).


    It supports two messaging styles:

    • Queue where a message is received by one client.

    • Topic where a message is "broadcast" to multiple client subscribers.

    NOTE: JMS1.1 includes a combined model of Queue/Topic connections that can be used for both styles.





    Getting involved

    Do you want to be a JBossMQ committer? Take a look at the [currently outstanding tasks in























    • Norbert Lataille

    • David Maplesden

    • Hiram Chirino

    • Peter Antman

    • Brian Weaver

    • Paul Kendall

    • Jayash Parayali

    • Ole Husgaard

    • Vincent Sheffer

    • Jason Dillon

    • David Jencks

    • And many patches gratefully received from the community with thanks.


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