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    JBoss Messaging User Wiki Page

    (The JBoss Messaging development WIKI page is here: JBoss Messaging Development)



    JBoss Messaging is an open source messaging system from JBoss / Red Hat.


    It currently implements the JMS 1.1 specification with 100% compliance.


    JBoss Messaging 1.4 is the default JMS provider in JBoss Application Server 5.0, EAP and SOA platform.


    JBoss Messaging is committed to becoming the premier messaging implementation for Java.


    The project page is here


    The jar repository is here


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    JBM 1.x Frequently Asked Questions



    User Documentation



    Build and Installation



    Database Compatibility Matrix










    Advanced Use Cases



    The team


    Permanent team


    • Tim Fox (project lead)


    • Clebert Suconic


    • Andy Taylor


    • Jeff Mesnil





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