Version 14

    What is the JBoss Microkernel?


    The JBoss Microkernel is a set of MBeans that runs on top of JBossMX.

    It has been designed to be totally modular from the ground up.

    Support classes exists to extend the notion of an MBean into a Service or Deployer




    • Small memory footprint

    • Classloading Management - everything except the kernel is HotDeployable

    • Pluggable Deployers - you can deploy anything from your own custom config

    • Fully Configurable - the bootstrap process is both configurable and replaceable

    • NetBoot - ability to bootstrap from a tiny resident loader

    • Lifecycle and dependency management - full two phase lifecycle

    • Component configuration - using JMX and PropertyEditors

    • Management - it is based JMX

    • Detached Services - using the JMX invocation notion services are loosely coupled on a Bus (the MBeanServer)




    • Overview - a brief overview of the architecture

    • Source Tree - a brief overview of the source tree

    • Bootstrap - a quick walkthrough of the bootstrap




    • Parameters - parameters passed to the JBoss startup scripts

    • Properties - properties used by the JBoss Microkernel

    • boot.log - logging during the bootstrap






    Change Notes







    • Rickard Oberg

    • Jason Dillon

    • David Jencks

    • Toby Allsopp

    • David Maplesden

    • Daniel Schulze

    • Hiram Chirano

    • Andreas Schaefer

    • And many patches gratefully received from the community with thanks.