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    JBoss AS 6.0.0.M4 is the fourth milestone release of the community driven AS 6 series. Building on the AS 6.0.0.M1 Release Notes , AS 6.0.0.M2 Release Notes, and AS 6.0.0.M3 Release Notes milestone releases, it includes support for additional key technologies that are part of the EE6 specification. Further capabilities will be added in future releases. The release is available for download from the download page.


    Two major EJB 3.1 features included in this release are:


    • Asynchronous EJB invocation - An approach that allows clients to invoke an operation and check the response later.
    • Advanced Timers - The ability to have calendar based timers trigger EJB methods. See the following overview for more information.


    Other major additions include:


    • JBossWS-CXF - A new web services implementation that is built on top of the Apache CXF web services stack. This change offers existing JBossWS users better performance and more WS-* features. See the detailed JBossWS on AS 6M4 Release Notes for more information.
    • Resteasy 2.0 - A major update that includes full CDI and EJB integration. Resteasy specific classes are no longer needed in web.xml.
    • XA Recovery - XA sources are now automatically registered for recovery. See jboss-ds_6_0.dtd for details.
    • Many bug fixes and small enhancements as listed in the full notes below.


    A Note on Release Naming


    The shorthand name for this release is 6.0.0.M4; this is what you'll see in many locations primarily meant to be read by humans (e.g. the download pages.) However, the official name for the release is, a name which follows the JBoss project versioning conventions for projects that issue milestone releases. The inclusion of the date of the release in the release qualifier helps ensure proper release ordering as specified by the OSGi specification. The official name appears in distributions zips, jar manifests, Maven pom files, and in Maven repository URLs.




    Getting Involved

    JBoss projects are all open source, and are developed by hundreds of developers (many like you) around the world.  If you are interested in contributing to an exciting project with cutting edge technology, then take a look at the HowToContribute wiki entry for more details.



    JBoss Application Server  is licensed under the LGPL, as explained in the JBoss End User License Agreement. The license texts for JBoss and the thirdparty components it uses may be found in the docs/licenses directory of the distribution.

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    Full Release Notes


    • [JBAS-3813] -         BaseWrapperManagedConnectionFactory.isStaleConnection creates new class instance every call
    • [JBAS-7068] -         Wrong timeout-valiue in OracleValidConnectionChecker
    • [JBAS-7071] -         use-try-lock option in data source configuration files is ignored
    • [JBAS-7752] -         JavaEE 6: META-INF/application.xml cannot be version="6"
    • [JBAS-7764] -         Update logo in ROOT.war
    • [JBAS-7775] -         Default jsf 2.0 resource lookup fails if resources are present in jar in WEB-INF/lib
    • [JBAS-7834] -         XMLs contained by archives are parsed aggressively by deployers, resulting in unexpected errors
    • [JBAS-7859] -         Toggle web session replication to synchronous during server shutdown
    • [JBAS-7888] -         Fix @EJB Injection Integration Issue
    • [JBAS-7974] -         Deployment of a WAR application fails, when WEB-INF/jboss-app.xml references non-existing or corrupted dtd
    • [JBAS-7981] -         Use of jgroups.tcpping.initial_hosts in example JGroups configurations
    • [JBAS-7985] -         Remove WARNING message on Boot
    • [JBAS-7989] -         Missing org/apache/ws/policy classes in $JBOSS_HOME/client
    • [JBAS-7998] -         HornetQ clustered configuration is copied to AS default profile
    • [JBAS-8002] -         Initial passivation of sessions during startup not based on full set of sessions
    • [JBAS-8024] -         Weld deployments fail with "Error in zip file" message
    • [JBAS-8025] -         Fix setting of custom SecurityManager class
    • [JBAS-8032] -         EJB dependency on another EJB from the same EJB-JAR
    • [JBAS-8034] -         Need to close JMXConnector returned from JMXConnectorFactory.connect to avoid leaking resources
    • [JBAS-8035] -         Weld Deployer not working with new JSF Deployer
    • [JBAS-8042] -         CLONE -Parse errors from JSF when initializing admin-console
    • [JBAS-8049] -         JmxAdapter should have a closeAll()
    • [JBAS-8052] -         Install JvmRouteValve into context pipeline by default in JBossCacheManager
    • [JBAS-8053] -         Use jboss-javaee6-specs-bom for dependency management of Java EE 6 APIs
    • [JBAS-8054] -         Add jboss-annotations-api_1.1_spec.jar to lib/endorsed
    • [JBAS-8059] -         DeploymentManager doesn't take jboss.xml descriptor from the deployment plan into account
    • [JBAS-8063] - script should not employ JAVA_OPTS when testing java vesion for 64 bit support
    • [JBAS-8071] -         HDScanner's setScanEnabled() method Fails to enable scanning on first invocation
    • [JBAS-8074] -         Build script doesn't work
    • [JBAS-8076] -         JBossCustomDeployDUFilter has an overly broad excludes list
    • [JBAS-8079] -         Deployment failing with ClassNotFoundException: Empty class name '' if Main-Class attribute present in Manifest but not specified
    • [JBAS-8089] -         JndiLoginInitialContextFactory is using deprecated security API
    • [JBAS-8098] -         Annotation scanning not working for JSF
    • [JBAS-8102] -         jbossweb is starting before Weld when an war with ejbs in it is deployed
    • [JBAS-8103] -         Entity (annotations) not being scanned in jars configured through jar-file in persistence.xml 
    • [JBAS-8112] -         JSF Deployer fails if FacesServlet declared in web-fragment.xml
    • [JBAS-8115] -         JSF Deployer should always add JSF if JSF_CONFIG_NAME param is present.
    • [JBAS-8116] -         CCE in JBoss Reflect
    • [JBAS-8120] -         EE Field Producer pattern isn't working well for persistence contexts and declarative TX management
    • [JBAS-8126] -         CNFE Exceptions due to the wrong classloader being used
    • [JBAS-8152] -         ClientLauncher does not mount archives
    • [JBAS-8160] -         Password masking only allows one @Password per bean
    • [JBAS-8163] -         StackOverflowError when faces-config.xml not present
    • [JBAS-8232] -         java.ejb.TimerService/java.ejb.Timer cancel() does not stop timer
    • [JBAS-8234] -         ClassCastException in RestEasy deployer







    Feature Request



    • [JBAS-7938] -         Move weld-int into jboss-as
    • [JBAS-7943] -         password_tool.bat is needed to mirror the script in bin directory
    • [JBAS-8100] -         Duplicate Mojarra "auto-servlet" feature
    • [JBAS-8111] -         Ignore EJBContext resources
    • [JBAS-8144] -         Trust Manager Implementation providing a consolidated trust store or keystore
    • [JBAS-8219] -         Modify command-line processing of to allow automated tests
    • [JBAS-8220] -         Invalid system property substitution syntax in binding service config



    • [JBAS-7609] -         Add new error codes to OracleExceptionSorter



    • [JBAS-3925] -         Unification of transports to Remoting 2.2.0
    • [JBAS-5874] -         Conform JBossCacheManager's mbean interface to non-clustered manager
    • [JBAS-6197] -         Clean up the HAPartition interface
    • [JBAS-6638] -         Move JSF integration into a deployer
    • [JBAS-7023] -         Track Weld integration tasks
    • [JBAS-7254] -         Remove ChannelFactory additional_data usage
    • [JBAS-7743] -         Get a jboss-scanning.xml in the admin-console
    • [JBAS-7947] -         HAJNDI should not respond to cluster RPC with a NameNotFoundException
    • [JBAS-7975] -         Track component upgrades - 6.0.0.M4
    • [JBAS-7978] -         ClusterPartition should use JGroups RequestOptions.setExclusionList to exclude self from group RPCs
    • [JBAS-7988] -         Remove quartz update check and associated log message in AS
    • [JBAS-8007] -         Upgrade mod_cluster to 1.1.0.CR2
    • [JBAS-8043] -         Push JBossCacheManager loadSession logic into the ha-server-cache-spi impl
    • [JBAS-8046] -         Configure FD_SOCK via the ServiceBindingManager
    • [JBAS-8055] -         Update jboss-metadata-ejb to 2.0.0-alpha-13
    • [JBAS-8056] -         Extract core clustering infrastructure from AS cluster module
    • [JBAS-8060] -         Introduce new scanning lib
    • [JBAS-8061] -         Integrate JSF with new Annotation Scanning
    • [JBAS-8065] -         Run the Embedded integration tests by default
    • [JBAS-8067] -         Update build to use Maven 3-beta-1
    • [JBAS-8069] -         Add public group URL to the root pom
    • [JBAS-8073] -         XA resource recovery
    • [JBAS-8083] -         Update aop.xml and classpath in for changes in jboss-aop and jboss-classpools
    • [JBAS-8085] -         Clean up jbossweb-cluster.aop
    • [JBAS-8091] -         Fix POM validation warnings in the AS build.
    • [JBAS-8094] -         Provide "relativePath" for Parent POMs of RESTEasy Integration Modules
    • [JBAS-8104] -         Upgrade mod_cluster to 1.1.0.CR3
    • [JBAS-8108] -         Add DeploymentMetaData and its deployers
    • [JBAS-8109] -         Refactor JBossJSFConfigureListener
    • [JBAS-8113] -         Use JavaEE6JndiBindingPolicy as the default for standard config
    • [JBAS-8127] -         Strip version numbers for timerservice, embedded impl and shrinkwrap jars in deploy/deployers folder of AS
    • [JBAS-8129] -         Consolidate Security Service Configuration
    • [JBAS-8131] -         Remove SpringFramework libraries from distribution
    • [JBAS-8146] -         Integrate EJB @Asynchronous
    • [JBAS-8148] -         Configure HornetQ for decreased journal creation time upon first boot


    Thirdparty Change

    • [JBAS-8050] -         Bring in jpa-mcint into JBoss AS
    • [JBAS-8064] -         Upgrade to jpa-deployers VFS3 1.0.2-alpha-2
    • [JBAS-8101] -         Integrate EJB3.1 timerservice to AS trunk
    • [JBAS-8215] -         Upgrade jboss-javaee6-specs-bom to 1.0.0.Beta5


    Component Upgrade

    • [JBAS-7977] -         Upgrade JGroups to 2.10.Beta2
    • [JBAS-7990] -         Upgrade JBossWS to 3.3.0.CR2
    • [JBAS-7991] -         Upgrade ha-server-api to 2.0.0.Alpha5
    • [JBAS-8003] -         Upgrade to ha-server-cache-jbc 2.2.1.Final
    • [JBAS-8004] -         Upgrade to JBoss Cache 3.2.5.GA
    • [JBAS-8145] -         Update EJB 3 BOM to 0.2.0
    • [JBAS-8147] -         Upgrade to jboss-metadata-ejb 2.0.0-alpha-17
    • [JBAS-8166] -         Upgrade to Remoting 2.5.3
    • [JBAS-8167] -         Upgrade to jboss-metadata-common 2.0.0-alpha-16
    • [JBAS-8205] -         Update jboss-service-binding to 1.1.1.Final



    • [JBAS-5878] -         Register JBossCacheManager in JMX using JBosWeb Registry.registerComponent
    • [JBAS-6938] -         in KnownDeploymentTypes, JavaEEResourceAdaptor enum, should be named JavaEEResourceAdapter (i.e. "adapter" with an "e" rather than an "o")
    • [JBAS-7563] -         Remove JRMPInvoker and JRMPInvokerHA
    • [JBAS-7806] -         Port UnifiedInvoker to R3
    • [JBAS-7826] -         Port the org.jboss.varia JMX ant task to act as a JSR-160 client
    • [JBAS-7831] -         Kill the JMX detatched invoker service
    • [JBAS-7839] -         Determine what mechanisms for accessing CacheManager's we'll support
    • [JBAS-7871] -         Create a JMXAuthenticator implementation which uses our authentication stuff
    • [JBAS-7872] -         Update ClusterCacheTester to use JMXConnectorFactory instead of RMIAdaptor for cluster unit testing
    • [JBAS-7937] -         Remove from run.conf(.bat)
    • [JBAS-7992] -         Remove HASessionStateTopologyComputer and related SubPartitionInfo
    • [JBAS-8027] -         Upgrade Hibernate to 3.5.2
    • [JBAS-8051] -         Upgrade to JBossWS 3.3.1.SP1 and switch to CXF stack
    • [JBAS-8081] -         jboss-classpool 1.0.0.Alpha6
    • [JBAS-8092] -         Upgrade Admin Console to 1.4.0.CR2
    • [JBAS-8096] -         Upgrade to jboss-reflect 2.2.0.Alpha9
    • [JBAS-8153] -         Correctly determine client class path
    • [JBAS-8157] -         Upgrade jettison to 1.2
    • [JBAS-8165] -         Upgrade to JBossWS 3.4.0.Beta1
    • [JBAS-8214] -         Upgrade ha-server-cache-jbc to 3.0.0.Alpha1
    • [JBAS-8225] -         Upgrade to kernel 2.2.0.Alpha11