• Generating a default deployment

    The latest Arquillian release (1.3.0) introduces an interesting new SPI that allow automatic generation of the deployment, ie. avoiding the need for an explicit @Deployment method.   We do a lot of testing again...
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  • About Shine-Enterprise-Java-Pattern

    Introducing Shine Pattern A brief history of Shine When we started to do a project we encountered an important problem. Developing a project with amateur developers is very dangerous. Because new developers don't care...
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  • Remote Glassfish 4.1 java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not inject members

    I'm new to Arquillian, but I managed finally to write tests succesfully that work with a embedded glassfish 3.1 and test my JPA-Methods from entities (namedQueries so far) with its derby-Database. CDI of Entitymanage...
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  • arquillian-jacoco and arquillian-wildfly-managed (or remote) hangs during deployment

    Hi,   I try to integrate the arquillian-jacoco project to integrate code coverage in our tests. However the war file is not deployed to the wildfly container because it hangs in the maven script   Here is ...
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  • Cheatsheet:  Testing with Gradle, Arquillian and WildFly

    Overview  This document outlines what you need to setup your Gradle project to use Arquillian and Wildfly for testing.  In this scenario, WildFly is "embedded" - run in the same JVM.   Versions  ...
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  • org.jboss.arquillian.persistence.core.exception.InvalidResourceLocation

    I can't seem to get around this issue. I have placed my orm.xml and persistence.xml files in just about every location I can think of and I still cant get this to go.   Matt
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  • Acceptance/Integration Testing in JEE using Arquillian

    In Agile Projects using Java/JEE, the focus and scope of the Developer Testing is usually diminished to either Unit Testing or very basic Functional Testing. Arquillian brings in a newer thought process of Integration...
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  • Obat Kanker Prostat Ace Max's

    Obat kanker prostat ace max's merupakan solusi yang paling tepat untuk mengatasi penyakit kanker prostat. Obat kanker prostat ace max's diproduksi oleh PT H2O Internasional yang diolah menggunakan teknologi modern dan...
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  • Phân tích xổ số miền bắc.docx

    Phân tích kết quả xổ số miền bắc. Du doan xo so hôm nay chính xác nhất. Tường thuật xsmb truc tiep tại trường quay.
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  • What are the benefits of Cellumis Eye Gel?

    Basically, just what it would like to do to your skin is to make you gorgeous and get rid of each one of the fine lines, creases from your face with remarkable results that you cannot even envision. Cellumis was clini...
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  • Testing secured EJBs on WildFly 8.1.x with Arquillian

    When working with EJBs it's sometimes useful to be able to get the caller's authenticated name, make logical decisions based on the callers role or just check that the caller is in an appropriate authorisation role. &...
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  • wlaile

    !@ !@
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  • Arquillian drops all tables after test is finished

    So here's my very basic test, all it does is it creates a movie object and puts it into a DB. All that works fine, i can tell by putting a break point after movies.addMovie(movie) and cheking DB. The problem is that w...
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  • Arquillian Troubleshooting Tips

    Here are some tips for troubleshooting Arquillian, mostly for Maven / JUnit usage with the JBoss AS container.   Tests run, Arquillian doesn't start, NPE on @EJB / @Inject values  This usually means the tes...
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  • OSGi remote container

    Hello,   I am trying to setup Arquillian for OSGi development. However I couldn't find the remote container anymore in latest 2.0.0.CR3 packages. And I don't have any clue from the source code. Is it still possi...
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  • When exactly does re-deployment occur?

    I haven't played with Arquillian in a while, so I need someone to refresh my memory. Let's say I have a single test class with a @Deployment annotation and five @Test methods. When I run this, will there be one deploy...
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  • Arquillian - Examples

    Refer to the Arquillian build tutorial to learn how to run the examples in the project.
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  • Arquillian

    Arquillian is a revolutionary testing platform for enterprise Java. Learn more at arquillian.org »
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  • tomcat 6 embedded and remote

    This is a simple example showing how Arquillian can be used with tomcat, using CDI with Weld. Both embedded and remote tests are provided, and can be run with Maven or Gradle.   Maven: mvn -Ptc6-remote clean tes...
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  • How to configure Arquillian with a remote Jboss AS7

    If you want to use Arquillian to connect and run against a remote(different JVM, different machine) jboss as 7 check this blog entry :   http://badr-elhouari.blogspot.com/2011/10/how-to-configure-arquillian-with...
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