• Cube JAX-RS dependency

    I'm trying to setup a jenkins master that kicks off a SSH-communicating docker slave that runs arquillian cube for starting a postgresql-test-db and launching a WildFly through a remote connector. I've tried mapping ...
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  • Arquillian Persistence extension tries to use non existing columns

    Hello all,   in a new project I encountered a strange problem when trying to use Arquillian and the Persistence extension to test some things. When the embedded DBUnit tries to compare the database with a the da...
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  • Test a @ViewScoped Bean without drone/graphene?

    Hi,   I am using Wildfly 8.2 and writing some test with arquillian. I do not want do use drone and/or graphene in the project. Is there a way I can properly test a @ViewScoped bean?   Thanks
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  • Arquillian on Wildfly 15: ArquillianServletRunner not found. Could not determine ContextRoot from ProtocolMetadata, please contact DeployableContainer developer.

    Hi when I attempt to run my testcases with Wildfly 15 they all fail with the following reason:   java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: ArquillianServletRunner not found. Could not determine ContextRoot from Proto...
  • Arquillian + Warp exception in arquillianBeforeTest

    I am trying to replace JSFUnit that no longer works with latest arqullian with Warp in my project to browse to an URL and inspect a session. So far no luck. Here's my setup.   Dependecy Management     ...
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  • Is it possible to do Automation testing using arquillian on GCP ?

    Hello all,     We have application which is developed using the Rest API Micro-services on GKE(Google Kubernetes Engine). My Testing Team is planing to use arquillian for Automation Testing. I am new to ar...
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  • Arquillian Chameleon and JDBC drivers

    I am configuring the project to user Arquillian with Chameleon. Simple! However, I struggle deploying JDBC driver on WildFly. Previously I did it using standalone.xml and placing JAR in module folder. However, it can...
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  • What's the best way to include a library in my test applications?

    The Microprofile Fault Tolerance TCK uses the Hamcrest library for some of its assertions. We are using the TestNG container which doesn't automatically include the Hamcrest classes (whereas I think the JUnit containe...
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  • Network aliases : How to specify them in arquillian.xml

    I am using CUBE format in my arquillian.xml and have something like this but alias does not seem to work, am I missing anything?   tomcat:   image: tutum/tomcat:8.0   exposedPorts: [8089/tcp]   en...
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    created by rameshsah
  • Arquillian Cube : No port was specified and in all containers there are more than one bind port.

    docker-compose.yml     version: '3'  services:    fakeservice1:    image: cicd/my-fake-service:latest    ports:   - "9191:8080"    fakeservice2: ...
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  • multiple spring-boot applications

    Hello all,   I am new to Arquillian and wondering if one could point me to a sample project or configuration. I have a set of micro-services those are written using spring-boot framework, I would like to bring t...
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  • Failed to load maven dependencies for artifact: org.jboss.arquillian.container:arquillian-tomcat-managed-7:RELEASE

    I am using Idea Ultimate 2017.1, I want to run this example: https://github.com/arquillian/arquillian-cube/tree/master/docker/ftest-docker-compose-v2 When I click run it says that I have to configure Arquillian Contai...
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    created by miketomson
  • Arquillian test class inheritance

    Hi community   I'm setting up a new EJB project and my intention is to use the latest Arquillian version for testing. However it looks like Arquillian is unable to handle inheritance of test classes (it used to ...
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  • Why doesn't Arquilian(was-remote-8.5) work with DeploymentManager, NodeAgent, ManagedProcess

    Hello.   Sometime ago, I tried arquillian on my pc for testing it's work brillian but when I started to write test for development environment I was catching exception - Connecting to a <DeploymentManager|Nod...
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  • Running arquillian tests on remote JBoss server

    Hello to all,   I am currently working at a java based project. We use arquillian for testing the functionalities. I want to run the arquillian tests on a remote JBoss server, but I got to following error: ...
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  • Turn off SSL validation in phantomjs

    I'm trying to use the phantomjs together with Drone and Graphene. I need to turn off SSL validation when I test against sites with self signed certs.   My first approach was to set acceptSslCerts=true:   &...
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  • Jboss Data Grid Testing - Troubleshooting

    Hi All,   I am new to Jboss Data Grid. I want to setup for one of my project.   I have just followed below steps to setup JBOSS EAP 7.0 server, and JDG Server ------------------------- 1. Set up your Dev...
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  • Arquillian test cannot deploy with class with dependecy injections

    When I try to run the test with the SessionController class then I get the following error : Tests in error:   service.SessionTest: Cannot deploy: test.war     @RunWith(Arquillian.class) public class ...
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  • ShrinkWrap always tries to connect to central

    Hello everyone,   I have noticed that ShrinkWrap always tries to connect to central. I have found in the newer API something withCentralRepo(boolean), but it seems that I have to use the created ConfigurableMav...
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  • Slow performance with ShrinkWrap

    Hi guys,   I'm using Shrinkwrap on XWiki and it's great. However it's very slow ATM and I'm wondering why. Doesn't Shrinkwrap check if the artifact is in the local repo or in the CP before checking in the maven ...
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