• Wildfly 10 or higher, JavaEE7, EJBs and RESTful-services

    Hello,   I have an application, maven multimodule, that has the following modules. module-parent module-ear module-ejb (handles the db-connection, in my 'ServiceBean'-class ) module-web (restful-services) &#...
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    created by inkimannen
  • java.lan.ClassCastException when casting to remote bean inte

    I get a ClassCastException when trying to cast to a remote interface of stateful session bean (for some reason it works for the stateless ones..). To really pinpoint the problem I made the easiest project possible. A...
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    last modified by manemannen
  • Creating minimalist examples in camel (namely salesforce)

    I'm testing the salesforce component (streaming API) across different versions of camel (2.17.4/2.23.0). In 2.23.0 I got an example running using spring (based on camel/examples/camel-example-twitter-salesforce at mas...
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    last modified by msebi
  • ic.lookup("java:comp/env/") to EJB3.x

    Hi all.   I'm trying to migrate from EJB2.x to EJB3.x but i'm facing some problems with the lookup.   I was using JBoss 4.2.2 and I migrated to wildfly 9.0.0 Full. This is all ok, working fine.   The...
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    created by jhenrique
  • Does wildfly-config.xml configuration (jboss-ejb-client) works for EJB client applications deployed on EAP 7.1?

    Need some clarification on a issue I am facing.   When EJB client is deployed to a JBoss instance using "wildfly-config.xml" (placed under META-INF) it's not fetching connection URI value from the config file, i...
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    last modified by sudhi.nair
  • Glassfish to WildFly throw error while starting application "No ejb found with interface of type"

    Application was working fine with Glassfish 3+ but on migrating it to WildFly 8 it is throwing following error while running. Application is shown in deployments, and postgressql jar too is existing in deployments. Ja...
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    created by skorejo
  • JBossDeveloper External client hangs when looking up bean

    I'm running an external client that fails to lookup a bean and hangs. I'm using JBoss Developer Studio 11 (installed using jdk1.8.0_121 (x64) running on Win 10) and deployed on JBoss AS 6.x, JBoss AS 71 and Wildfly 11...
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  • How to configure jboss server managed tibco connection pool for MDB in ejb-jar.xml

    How to configure Jboss ejb mdb using resource adapter
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    last modified by ravikrishan1984
  • java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/quartz/SchedulerExceptio

    Hi, I installed JBoss 4.0.4GA and I used the "all" configuration. I afterwards downloaded the EJB3-RC8-FD distribution and installed it according to the INSTALL howto included. When I run the server I get the follow...
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    last modified by kristof_taveirne
  • jboss-4.2.3.GA triggering ./run.sh causes error

    Hi   I am very new to JBOSS , Currently, I am analysing an EJB project of my clients I met a problem. When I start the JBoss server, I got the following error   dev@PGIVM01:~/software/jboss-4.2.3.GA/bin$...
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    last modified by anooppm
  • Size limit on Remote EJB Calls

    I have a SLSB that I invoke remotely and there appears to be a limit on how large the argument I can pass in a method call is. I'm using EAP 6.0.1 (jboss as 7.1.2 Final) and deploying my ejb as part of an ear. My clie...
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    last modified by justinhayes
  • Same interceptor called twice

    Hi, I have two classes A & B, where B extends A (A is abstract). I have a list of interceptors I1,I2,I3(see below). The interceptors try to accomplish the execution of before/after actions for the method 'm'. ...
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    last modified by meptcs
  • auto-Invoke my mbean start method when the jboss server started

    Hello,   I am trying to auto-invoke my mbean start method once the jboss server is up and running. If you can give me a quick start in implementing this, that should be great.
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    last modified by kannajeshan
  • file not found

    http-invoker.sar directory not found in home/deploy directory, we need to add security-constraint url-pattern in web.xml file under $JBOSS_HOME/deploy/http-invoker.sar/invoker.war/WEB-INF/web.xml  is there any al...
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    last modified by avinash3333
  • javax.ejb.EJBAccessException: Authentication failure with no

    I am trying to build a simple webapp / EJB 3.0 project. But running into some difficulty. After getting the session context bean, while trying to run a procedure that returns rows from a the DB, I get javax.ejb.EJBA...
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    last modified by ericchile
  • Communication betwean EJB in Cluster (EJB of one Node calls the same EJB of another Node)

    what ways of communication exist betwean EJB in cluster (betwean nodes) now in Wildfly? what shortages and advantages have these ways? Is it possible that EJB of one node (1) calls the same EJB (same class)  in...
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    last modified by serg_732173
  • JBoss EAP 6.4.0.GA: Testing EJB - webservices from SOAPUI : Failing with NameNotFoundException

    Hi,   I am trying to test the webservices using the SOAPUI. But it has been failed with below error.     org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'ECA_...
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    last modified by srpa0117
  • JBoss EAP 6.4.1's EJB 3 to JBoss AS 4.2.3 EJB 2's communication

    I am having a web application containing EJB 3 running on JBoss EAP 6.4 and it need to communicate with EJB 2 running on JBoss AS 4.2.3. Is it possible to communicate or not, will i face any issues when doing so. Coul...
  • Unable to serialise DataHandler Object for Axis 1 web service on Jboss6.4

    Hi I have migrated the axis 1 web service on Jboss6.4 and all the function of web service are working fine except when consuming the function which are sending the attachment.   On Jboss5.2 , All the functionali...
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    last modified by raveendraknit
  • WFLYEE0042

    help me for this: mars 02, 2017 3:21:25 AM org.jboss.ejb.client.EJBClient <clinit> INFO: JBoss EJB Client version 2.1.4.Final mars 02, 2017 3:21:25 AM org.xnio.Xnio <clinit> INFO: XNIO version 3.4.0.Fi...
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