• How can hot reload be enabled when running Errai on Tomcat?

    I am developing a project with Errai 4 and as usual I can run "mvn gwt:run" and hot reload just works, i.e. I change models or views and I only need to refresh the browser. Now I need that but running my Errai applica...
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  • Errai : Generic DataBinding for enums

    Hi,   I give a try to errai. For now, I am interested only in client side (UI/DataBinding/Navigation).   I had a generic component using Editor for enums rendering in radio button done with gwtbootstap3. I...
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  • errai RPC in different war

    Following a discussion with 2 of my collegues, I was wondering if it is possible (and even if it make sense) to have an ERRAI RPC call between to different wars, meaning that the client side is in one of them and the ...
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  • Roadmap of Errai update?

    Red Hat, Now that Max Barkley is gone, is anyone form Red Hat going to inform the Errai community on the future of Errai?
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    created by hr.stoyanov
  • get instance of IOCBeanDef

    in errai 4.2.2 there is no method getInstance() in the IOCBeanDef interface, but it is used in the documentation.   public MyManagedBean {   @Inject SyncBeanManager manager;    public void looku...
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  • Guice configuration error

    Hi.   I get the following Guice configuration error:   1) No scope is bound to javax.enterprise.context.Dependent.   at org.jboss.errai.security.server.NonCachingUserServiceImpl.class(NonCachingUserS...
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  • Client side only configuration and pom

    Hey.  I would like to use errai in the client side. I am writing rest client for existing application. I would like to have aś minimal dependents in pom as it could be.  Please help.
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  • Dynamic menu

    Hello,   I'm new on Errai. I'm trying to get an idea of how to work with UI.   My first approach it's to create a dynamic menu with page navigation.   I've create two classes Menu and Item:   ...
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  • Deprecation of Errai JPA

    In the recent PR I saw that Errai JPA will be removed in v5 - Removed dom4j dependency from core Errai by hrstoyanov · Pull Request #319 · errai/errai · GitHub   I assume this is referencing the ...
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  • CSS media selector and calc() function not working.

    I'm having some troubles using media selectors for my ui widgets.   For example this doesn't seem to work: @media all and (max-width: 720px){    p{    color:purple;    background...
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  • How to wrap static DOM elements

    Hi, I have elements in a todo list that I load as plain static html (not inserted by gwt). I have the same elements as errai template elements so the users can insert new elements dynamically to the list. Is there a ...
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  • Proteger o acesso aos serviços do JBoss EAP   Tópicos RHCJA..  alguém, poderia esclarecer por favor...

    Não entendi este tópico para certificação... Proteger o acesso aos serviços do JBoss EAP Exame Red Hat Certified Specialist in Enterprise Application Server Administration
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  • MessageBus message timeout

    Hi   Is there anyway to set timeouts on messages from the client bus?   Also, as far as I understand browsers can do multiple concurrent xhr requests within certain rather small limits. Does the Errai Mess...
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    created by ruzkant
  • How can I use Errai Binding in standalone?

    I'm tring to use Errai DataBinding in standalone mode ,as descripted in documentation, with gwt , but it doesn't work. The problem is during the compilation. Any solutions??
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  • Errai Spring Server project update

    Hello Forum   I have just gone through a round of changes to the errai-spring-server library I added to github. My hope with this project is that Errai might gain some more traction if it can be more easily used...
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  • Gwt's UiBinder like errai module

    Hi all.   Errai-UI allows us create @JsType elements and bind it to a document with @Data-field annotation. It works like a charm but sometimes we could have a little overhead in case we have a number of such el...
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    created by treblereel
  • Errors in 3.0.4-SNAPSHOT after upgrading to GWT 2.7.0

    ...The easy stuff was the ASM dependencies because Errai depends on huice, which uses asm 3 and GWT requires ASM 5. But this one is strange is java.lang.ClassCastException, which does not stop the app but is irritati...
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  • form data missing in Errai 3.0.0.CR1 JaxRS client

    Hi all,   I'm try to request my REST service with POST form parameters with Errai Jax RS client 3.0.0.CR1. In debug mode, the arguments of the service method call are passed correctly, but the JaxRS proxy build...
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  • Waiting for server-side resources to load

    Our app needs some app registry and user data, which is loaded asynchronously from the server, after the app is started, to work properly. This becomes a problem when a user wants to navigate directly to a page withi...
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  • add elemntal2 to document : wrong documentation

    Hi,   In errai refernce documentation : org.jboss.errai.common.client.dom.Document is a thin wrapper around the DOM document provided by Errai . his line assumes that TemplatedBean implements org.jboss.errai.ui....
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