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GateIn Portal 3.6.0.Beta01

Posted by bdaw Apr 8, 2013

We are proud to announce the first beta of GateIn Portal 3.6! Go to our downloads page right away and grab it while it is hot!


While GateIn Portal is downloading let me highlight few important improvements delivered in this release:


Site Redirects.


The core part of this feature has been released in GateIn Portal 3.5 few months ago. Now we ship the brand new Administration UI that let you configure redirection rules and specific conditions in an intuitive way



Public API


After many months of hard work we now provide a public API to deal with sites and navigations for both Java and REST.


Just check our Developer Guide:


Mobile site demo


GateIn Portal now comes with a dedicated demo mobile site: when you access portal from your ios or android device you should get automatically redirected to the mobile site. This site provides an adaptive layout and adapts the portal screen to the most appropriate size for your device.







Touch enabled devices


The main portal page has been reworked to deliver better experience on mobile devices:  many minor improvements to the interface make GateIn Portal work better out of the box on touch enabled devices.




We plan to release the second beta of GateIn 3.6 in May and it should provide a few other improvements that keep the team busy. You can track some of them with our specifications, just to point to two such features:


CDI support in portlets -

OAuth2 support -


Exceptionally we decided to stretch a bit our release schedule with those two beta releases, our goal being to deliver well tested and polished final release. You can expect the 3.6 final around July this summer and you will get the best GateIn Portal release ever!

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