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HTML and CSS evolve, new great javascript libraries gets born every month, mobile platforms reshuffled the way we make user interfaces and last but not least tastes change...


We are looking for someone who can bring GateIn and JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform default interface to a new level of usability.


If you are excited by HTML5, if you master CSS(3) and have a real interest in Mobile user interfaces you can help the project tremendously. You will be working with a team of talented Java developers within Red Hat engineering group.


Additionally we would expect that you are cautious about usability and that you can create nice graphical content.


Required skills

  • (X)HTML
  • CSS 2/3
  • Javascript
  • Web Design

Preferred skills

  • Java


If you have such a profile or want to know more, feel free to contact me.

You will be asked to show a portfolio of Web User Interfaces you created or prove your talent by contributing to GateIn development.

We are looking for the best candidate to work on the JBoss Portlet Bridge project.

This project is key into the strategy of the JBoss Enteprise Portal Platform as it makes it easy for any developer to use JSF, Seam and Richfaces applications inside a portal. Later, we will also want to support more web frameworks (to be defined).

Next step for the project is to fully support Richfaces 4 and JSF 2 as part of PortletBridge 3 and in the future find new ways to simplify the development of new portlets using different web technologies.

This job requires high software engineering skills to maintain the existing and develop new features, a strong motivation in supporting our customers and an in-depth knowledge of JSF internals and Portlets.

The official job announcement can be found here and is open in any country were Red Hat as a legal entity.

Come join Red Hat !


GateIn @ JUDCon Berlin

Posted by theute Oct 1, 2010

JUDCon Berlin will happen next week (Oct 7th and 8th 2010) !

Julien Viet from eXo Platform will give a talk titled "Advanced JCR Persistence in the GateIn Portal Framework". You can read the abstract here. His talk his scheduled to happen on Friday at 2:30pm local time.

Boleslaw Dawidowicz, GateIn developer and PicketLink IDM component lead, will also be around. If you want to meet him, best way is probably to contact him through Twitter: @bdawidowicz or though when connected.

You can still register here if you didn't do so yet.

We are looking for you !

Posted by theute Sep 8, 2010
You are a Maven Guru ? You have the pleasure of doing things carefully ? You are a Linux user ? You have the sense of responsibilities and looking to integrate the best team ever ;) ?

We are looking for a new Product Lead for the JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform based on GateIn Portal, you will be in charge of the releases of our product.

Ideally you would be based in the Brno office, Czech Republic, but we are willing to look for someone in any country where Red Hat has a legal entity.

More details:

      The candidate will join the productization team in charge of JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform. He/she will work with product management, GateIn engineering,  support and quality assurance engineers and documentation writers to build and ship the Enterprise Portal Platform products. He/she will also contribute to GateIn releases.

Among the numerous exciting and challenging tasks you will:

- be in charge of working on releases of GateIn and JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform based on Maven
- be leading the Enterprise Portal Platform major releases and cumulative patches packaging.
- upload release versions to JBoss' public repositories with Maven and maintain  component compatibility information as components are updated
- backport critical and customer-requested bugfixes from community
to product branches
- create/maintain/execute build scripts ensuring that proper
versions of EAP and third-party dependencies are used
- review errata
- provide input for release notes and product documentation
- serve as a resource to QA for developing continuous integration
tests and test plans for product branches and releases

Job Requirements    
      - Fluent in English
- Fluent in Java
- Proven experience with Maven 2 (or 3)
- Proven experience with version control software, especially SVN.
- Good knowledge of Linux-based systems and OS commands
- Self motivated with strong ability to deliver under little supervision

If you have the profile or know someone, please contact me at with a resume or Linked-in profile.
Live from JUDCon, another new release for the GateIn Portal project !

GateIn 3.1 is available at the usual location.
This time, it's over 60 tasks that has been accomplished according to our Jira.

Take it while it's hot !

The Role:

Red Hat is looking for a Senior Software Developer to join its Portal team in charge o

f JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform and GateIn . The position is opened for anyone living in a country where Red Hat has established a legal entity (see: [ |] )


You will be in charge of the Andiamo efforts for JBoss EPP and be part of the GateIn software engineering team. EPP effort of Andiamo is to improve the out-of-the-box user experience and making easier to manage the portal from a development and operational point of view.

Primary Responsibilities:


Work with the JBoss Developer   Studio software engineering team to define the tools requirement   for EPP and help in its realization


    Work with the JBoss Operations   Network software engineering team to define the requirements for   EPP and help in its realization

    Define and implement the infrastructure to help managing both staging environment and production environment

      Required Skills & Experience:

        1. Demonstrated experience with Java EE

        2. Experience with production environment/operations

        3. Portal experience is a plus

        4. JCR knowledge is a plus

        5. Innovative ideas and pragmatical

        6. Fluent in English

        7. Self motivated with strong capabilities to deliver under little supervision


      If you are interested by this position, please contact me at


      GateIn 3.1 CR1

      Posted by theute May 26, 2010
      It's been yet another busy month for the GateIn developers.

      We just shipped the first candidate for a 3.1 release, it's available at the usual place.

      The full release note is available here including performance improvement and memory consumption reduction.

      Want to hear about GateIn ? Several opportunities in June, either in Zurich (Switzerland) or the several talks at JBoss World and JudCon in Boston this year:

      June 1st 2010

      Jazoon - Zurich, Switzerland
      If You Know JSF, You Know Portals and Portlets
      Wesley Hales (Red Hat)

      June 21st 2010

      JUDCon - Boston, USA (Free, live)
      Get started with GateIn Portal !
      Thomas Heute (Red Hat)
      Building and porting applications for GateIn Portal
      Thomas Heute (Red Hat)
      JBoss Portlet Bridge
      Wesley Hales (Red Hat)

      June 23th 2010

      JBoss World 2010 - Boston, USA - Register (live)
      Portals, Presentation, Open Choice, & You
      Jason Andersen (Red Hat)

      June 24th 2010

      JBoss World 2010 - Boston, USA - Register (live)
      Introduction to the JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform 5
      Thomas Heute (Red Hat)
      Social Publishing on JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform
      Benjamin Paillereau (eXo)

      Again, thanks to all the participants !
      We are all very happy to announce the release of GateIn 3.0, 141 issues have been closed for this release. Impressive !

      We've even added a new deployable skin as a demo, and I think it looks good :)

      We are very thankful to all the people who helped along the way and our congratulations to Luca Stancapiano again who was granted write access on our repository. But also to the people who helped by reporting issues in our forum, such as Hardy Massen, thank you for your reports and patience !

      As usual you can download the bits from here.

      Now this is just the beginning, we count on you to make comments in our forums and we will work hard on more documentation/articles/screencasts now that things are cooling down development wise.
      In parallel people are working on the EPP 5 (Enterprise Portal Platform) product that will be based on EAP 5 + GateIn.

      Want to hear more about GateIn ? Don't miss our coming events:
      March 18th 2010

      Webinar -  Register (Free)
      GateIn and the Future of Portals
      Jason Andersen (Red Hat) and  Tugdual Grall (eXo)

      March 24th 2010

      Webinar -  Register (Free)
      Intro to Chromattic and CRaSH, Tools in the GateIn Portal Framework
      Julien Viet (eXo)

      June 21st 2010

      JUDCon - Boston, USA
      3 sessions planned, more info to come...

      June 24th 2010

      JBoss World 2010 - Boston, USA - Register
      Introduction to the JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform 5
      Thomas Heute (Red Hat)
      Social Publishing on JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform
      Benjamin Paillereau (eXo)

      Again, thanks everyone and please spread the news :)

      GateIn 3.0 CR1 is out

      Posted by theute Feb 17, 2010
      Another monthly release just hit the roads.
      We've just released GateIn 3.0 CR1 and it's available here.

      We got an impressive wave of translation contributions, thanks a lot !
      So now GateIn is available (fully or partially) in:
      • English
      • French
      • Dutch
      • Russian
      • Spanish
      • Ukrainian
      • Arabic (Right to Left)
      • Vietnamese
      • Korean
      • Italian
      • Simplified CHinese
      • Traditional Chinese
      • Japanese
      • Nepali
      • German
      Thank you again Luca, Soren, Mabimal, Koen, Cheng, Simon, Yuhei Mik, those who helped and those I forgot.
      Also we simplified the configuration so that it's much easier to configure a new database for JCR and the identity storage (doc is being published at time of writing, it may take some time).
      The whole release note is available here.

      On the way to the final release planned for March 12th if we don't hit major issues.

      On a side note, we grouped the videos about GateIn on a Vimeo channel, see below:


      Thank everyone for your interest.
      As communicated last week. We've just released our Beta 5 release of GateIn.

      On top of the various bug fixes, we've welcomed the contributions from Ji-Woong Choi and Jun Shik Jeaon for a Korean translations of the shipped-in user interfaces and from Luca Stancapiano for the Italian translation. Thanks a lot !
      If you are willing to contribute a translation of GateIn, it's fairly easy, see here and ask for help if needed.

      Also a note to say that all the members of the JBoss crew and part of the eXo crew will meet the week from January 25th to 29th in Switzerland so if you happen to be around and willing to meet us, this would be the best time, please ping me.

      Onward for a candidate release now :) If you are willing to help there are plenty of tasks, easy and hard ones on the Jira.

      As always you will find the download links on the GateIn website.

      Thanks to everyone who helped on that release !

      Translating GateIn

      Posted by theute Jan 11, 2010
      GateIn is partially or totally available in:
      • Arabic
      • English
      • French
      • Korean
      • Russian
      • Spanish
      • Ukrainian
      • Vietnamese
      If you are willing to get additional supported languages in GateIn 3.0 now is the perfect time to help.
      In order to help we've provided some information on how to translate GateIn, from start to testing the translation in context. (After building and running). This is one way of doing things and this is all explained in the wiki, here.

      If you are willing to contribute but are facing issue, you can get some help through the forum, by mailing list or on the IRC room.

      Thanks a lot !

      GateIn Project roadmap

      Posted by theute Jan 11, 2010
      While the project is stabilizing, there are few issues left that are being worked on such as:
      • JCR clustering based on JBoss Cache for fault tolerance
      • Portal failover
      • i18n
      • WSRP
      JCR clustering:
      The JBoss-eXo partnership opened the doors to have a deep discussion and some work done at the clustering layer of eXo JCR. Previous implementation of eXo JCR was using jGroups directly and is now using JBoss Cache which enables a much larger choice of configurations depending on users' needs. While the Beta05 release will ship in with the previous implementation, the coming CR1 release will embed the new one.

      Portal failover:
      Noone likes his navigation to be resetted, even if the machine that serves him dies. Navigation failover is a time consuming job that requires proper testing. If you are aware of issues, please let us know.

      i18n is always a tedious job and the translations usually come from community (always remember to contribute ;) ) based on free time people have. We just got support for Korean and this will make its way in the Beta 5 release but we are planning to welcome new supported languages such as Japanese and Traditional chinese in the coming weeks (By CR1). i18n is the easiest approach to the project for contributors, please contact us if interested.

      The goal for GateIn 3.0 is to reach the same feature set as in JBoss Portal 2.7, also to make a proper integration it has been decided to fully rewrite the administration portlet using WebUI the component-model framework used by all the administration portlets. None of them are using JSF which enables users to not have to worry about clashes between their JSF portlets and the shipped-in ones.

      For those reasons, we can't claim the next release as being a Candidate for a Release (CR). We've then decided to introduce a new Beta release and shift the planned released by a month. As you may have seen we are trying to keep a monthly based released until we reach the final release.

      So far we've released:
      • 3.0.0-Beta01  on 03/Sep/09
      • 3.0.0-Beta02  on   21/Oct/09
      • 3.0.0-Beta03  on   27/Nov/09
      • 3.0.0-Beta04  on   22/Dec/09
      And now we plan the following dates:  (Usually corresponds to the code freeze, available bits come few days after):
      • 3.0.0-Beta05  on  15/Jan/10
      • 3.0.0-CR01  on  12/Feb/10
      • 3.0.0-GA  on  12/March/10
      Thanks everyone !

      Note: this new plan doesn't affect the release of the Enterprise Portal Platform 5.
      A note to announce the new beta release of GateIn. Download it here.

      Noticeable features are performance improvement on the JCR backend and initial support for WSRP 1.0 with its new administration UI.

      The full changelog is available on JIRA.

      We've been asked a couple of times about our roadmap, the current roadmap is as following, we will do our best to achieve it but that will also depend on external contributions. (How to contribute)

      - 3.0.0 CR1 is planned for mid-January
      - 3.0.0 Final is planned for mid-February

      You can track progress and pick issues on which you want to help from this page, you can also view the planned releases from the calendar.

      Thanks to everyone who worked hard again on this release !
      This is it !

      It has already leaked on Twitter and on some blogs, eXo and JBoss released the latest and greatest GateIn 3.0 Beta 3.
      The changelog is quite large so I will only emphasize the fact that we worked a lot on performance improvement and fixed a lot of reported issues.

      GateIn is now also available in Spanish thanks to David Calente who contributed that translation, thank you !

      We also added some basic examples of portlets to show the required configuration files. We hope to find the time to go through them on this blog but you can already have a look here. (note the empty web.xml file, less configuration, less headaches).

      If you happen to understand French, Nicolas Martignole wrote a series of articles on GateIn Portal, thank you Nicolas:
      As usual, you can download GateIn from here:

      Last but not least, we've open a section about contributions around GateIn that are not necessarily part of GateIn, the two first references are from Julien Viet (eXo), we hope to list external contributions, you can propose them to the mailing list for contributors, the IRC channel for contributors, or by contacting one of us.

      Thanks to the Twitterers for sharing your positive experience. Remember we are here.

      Want to be part of the GateIn story ? Join us now is the best time !

      Thanks you all for the support, we'll keep working hard.
      We've all worked hard to deliver this new Beta release of GateIn, the merged portal of eXo Portal and JBoss Portal.

      Apart from bug fixes, new UI changes and support for Russian (and the things I forgot, we are consolidating the JIRAs), we've (Nicolas Filotto more precisely)  reworked the packaging aspect of components letting companies have more freedom to modify a portal by adding components and without modifying the shipped-in content.

      Extra attention has been made to give you more to play with, all sources are now fully available.
      We've added pages to give you starters to understand the inside of GateIn but also explain some of our processes. This goes with our pages that explain how to contribute to the project. This is also where you will find information on how to track the development of GateIn.

      There is also a very rough documentation available. We'll keep working on this.

      For all questions we still have our forums available here.

      Remember our main website:

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