• Debug in Jbpm code

    I want to use Debug in eclipse for the jbpm-wb and kie-wb-distributions codes. I'm changing these codes to customize Jbpm. But whenever I change I compile to see if it worked. Can anyone help me to use Debug in ecl...
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    created by emerson_o81
  • Customize Jbpm - Workbench

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to customize the Jbpm Workbench. I was able to download the Git codes "jbpm-wb" and "kie-wb-distributions". I was searching the codes because I needed to add a button on the Task inbox sc...
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    created by emerson_o81
  • Is it possible to create a button on the Task List screen?

    I need to create a button on the JBPM Task List screen so it can be updated as needed. Anyone have any tips on how I can do this? Is there any tool? Thank you for your help.
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    created by emerson_o81
  • How is external directory mapping configured in jboss eap 6.2 ?

    We would like to write video/Images stored in DB in to a directory on the server & then load the same thru url on to a html5 video tag in web application client.
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    created by rms.rajeshms
  • Errai on Google App Engine ? is it supported ?

    Hello everyone,   I just found out about Errai, and im very excited to learn more, as what Errai  promises is exactly whats missing in GWT community, a framework for building complex GWT apps.   I wa...
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    last modified by darkwave
  • How complete workitem under jbpm6.0.1  with java remote api ?

    I want to use the remote api to get ksession and get running node, complete the workitem. my code: try {   String url="http://localhost:8080/jbpm-console/";   RemoteRestRuntimeFactory restSessionFactory = ...
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    last modified by riowork
  • "This request requires HTTP authentication" Error in gwt for connect to kie-wb by rest API

    Hi, I have  gwt application and want to use REST API for connecting to jbpm kie-wb. when I want to get data ,I get Error:" This request requires HTTP authentication " I have my on login process So I  want...
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    created by sahar_m
  • love **@@AjMer Shareef@@**vashikaran +91-9872443266specialist baba ji

    Extra precautions are taken while performing+91-9872443266 black magic so as to avoid any sort of mishap. Our astrologers ensure that all the information provided by our clients is kept confidential. The astrologers g...
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    created by hazimaulana
  • UI changes in JBPM Console

    I want to change the color of the panel left and right. i am not able to find the CSS. but its shows in developer toolbar as mosaic.css.can anybody help me to  find the right file and the path in the coding. ...
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    created by kagovindaraj
  • GWT- jBPM Integration

    Hi, I am trying to integrate jbpm with GWT. Basically I am trying to call JBPM services(GWT-rpc) from GWT client. Not sure, how to proceed with. Does anybody throw some light on this? Redirecting me to some link woul...
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    last modified by abiramir1
  • Ingresar al bean desde una funcion de gmaps4jsf

    Bueno el tema es que necesito saber si hay una forma de obtener el (id) del marcador que estoy seleccionando, ya que haciendo varios intentos me he dado cuenta que gmaps pinta los marcadores pero no deja acceder al id...
  • Jbpm5 get all Task defined in drools designer via REST API or API?

    Hi, in jbpm after i'm designed a workflow with drools guvnor can i retrieve all task with all actors that i defined in each task via REST API or in other way? If yes we can explain me with an example what is the sol...
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    created by scontaldo
  • issues while Deploying jBPM 5.4 wars onto websphere 6.1

    Hi, I am trying to deploy the jBPM5.4 related wars onto IBM websphere Application server 6.1 .but facing some issues related to the jdk version.As it seems jBPM 5.4 expects the jdk version has to be 1.6 but the websp...
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    created by mvharish
  • securing jboss console

    How can i secure jboss web console so that it prompts for username and password? we have done what the net has suggested but we only managed to get prompt on jmx-console while on web-console just goes straight.
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    created by fchathyoka
  • gwt render service not found while starting process from the jbpm console

    Today I tryed to start a process from the jbpm-console, but I get the following message   404 Not Found - http://localhost:8080/gwt-console-server/rs/form/process/com.sample.evaluation/render"   In the ser...
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    created by medello
  • Task Form window close

    Hi,   I would like to automatically close the Task Form window, once the user submitted the form successfully.   Any hints on realising, implementing this?   Regards,   Alex
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    created by alexont
  • Console's support for non-English languages

    Hi friends, can u please direct me to some documentation regarding Console's support for other languages, specially RTL ones? I intend to localise bpm-console.   thanks for any tips
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    created by allgreenphosphor
  • Where can i download the java source code of jbpm-gwt-console-server for JBPM5.3?

    Dear All,   I have tried the source code from https://github.com/bpmc/bpm-console/tree/master/server/war-base/src/main/java/org/jboss/bpm/console/server   but seem this version is not compatible with JBP...
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    last modified by hkling
  • Example JBPM Console Rest Client (plus example maven SpringMVC webapp)

    Hi guys here you have Spring MVC Example application that comunicates with gwt-console-server REST services using Apache HttpClient.   Note: check processResource.properties
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    last modified by ranmadxs
  • Files needed to generate translation JBPM CONSOLE 2.3.2

    Hi all. I need to know the files needed to translate the console bpm and make the translation. As if you did not know, there are other countries where other languages are spoken.English is not the only language that...
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    created by pcaceresferreira