• JBoss Migration from JBoss-5.1 to Wildfly-11

    Hello, there.   I have been working on an upgrade from JBoss-5.1/JEE5/JDK6 to Wildfly-11/JEE7/JDK8.   Kindly share the step by step procedure, and suggest me which version of the wildfly application server i...
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  • Infinspan console shows only one node for clustered servers in the cache node view

    We are working with infinspan version 9.4.8 in a domain mode with cluster of two hosts servers with two nodes. In the statistics of the cluster view we can see that both nodes get hits but when we look at the view of ...
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  • File Store not storing anything but "FCS1"

    Good morning, I am trying to use infinispan 9.1 caching but something may be wrong in file-store configuration because (with passivation enabled or not) the file is created, but contains only "FCS1" string...   ...
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  • How to Reduce the Amount of Exception Data Transmitted

    Hello -   We've noticed that whenever we have a timeout exception (ISPN000476), this information gets sent to other nodes in the cluster who log it with the ISPN000217 code. Recently we experienced a flood of ti...
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  • Second level Cache: format of hibernate property expiration.lifespan for a entity in jar in ear. Prefix region_prefix

    Hi, how does the hibernate property hibernate.cache.infinispan.entity.expiration.lifespan look out in case of ear application ear and entity in jar in the ear (persistence.xml is in ear)? Some sources describe forma...
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    created by serg_732173
  • Can we compress cache entries, while putting them into the cluster?

    We are using a hotrod client and the infinispan clustered server which is on its own (standalone). Can we compress cache entries, while putting them into the cluster? What are the different options of compressing? ...
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  • Infinispan on Openshift: Hotrod Exception

    Hello,   Infinispan 9.4.11 has been deployed on Openshift 3.11.43 using Infinispan operator using minimal configuration yaml. Practically, default configuration. Two deployments available, one has a 2-node clus...
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  • Multiple cache managers?

    We are trying to figure out the best way to implement the following (using WildFly):   1. We have multiple applications (5 or more) all of which require their own clustered invalidation cache 2. Should we have ...
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    created by tstiemerling
  • Infinispan 9.4.x: Lots of errors in cross-datacenter replication mode, in a Keycloak installation.

    Hello,   We've built an installation of Keycloak 6.0.1 with cross-datacenter replication using Infinispan Server 9.4.15.Final.   About three minutes after starting Keycloak, we start getting lots of se...
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  • Datagrid readinessProbe and livenessProbe failing for 1 Pod

    We have a Datagrid 7.2 cluster on 2 pods in OpenShift. This has been up for about a month. Recently one of the pods apparently failed the livenessProbe and was re-started. Since then it has been in a restart loop as i...
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  • Distributed Infinispan Cache Session not found

    Hi, I'm looking into configuring wf 17 with distributed cache for sessions, but I have problems making it work properly. It's a distributed configuration, I use basic authentication and when we send the post to /j_sec...
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  • Update Infinispan installations on Linux

    Hello, I didn´t find any chapter in the documentation how to perform an update / upgrade to a newer release with zero downtime or downtime. Can anybody describe the process to me and what are the pitfalls?
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  • ISPN000476: Timed out waiting for responses for request 73 from

    /** * Configure infinispan to run with a default clustered jgroups setup. */ @Bean public InfinispanGlobalConfigurer infinispanRemoteConfigurer( @Value("foo") String clusterName) { return () -> GlobalConfigurationB...
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  • CacheListerer : identify node that has updated an entry

    Hi,   I begin with infinispan, and I don't understand well the meaning of TransactionalEvent.isOriginLocal() getter method :   I've set a configuration for an distributed infinispan cache DIST_SYNC, with ...
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  • How to ensure failover of Domain Controller?

    When Host Controller process gets started, it knows which DC to connect through the <remote> tag under the <domain-controller> tag in hosts.xml file. Suppose if the DC is down, HC tries for some 10 times, ...
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  • How to persist __protobuf_metadata cache ?

    Hi,   In order to query values in a cache we upload the protobuf scheme (built from annotated classes) to the infinispan server and that works nicely. However, if the infnispan server is restarted the __protobu...
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  • How to stream through query results ?

    Hi, Result I am using the java remote hot rod client to query entries in a cache then delete the result. However, I expect the number of results to be quite large and that may cause memory issues in my application. ...
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  • after updgrade 7.0 sql query with alias name is not wroking

    i am upgrading jboss 4.0 to jboss 7.0 .and jboss 7.0 query have alias column is not coming in result             <query>   SELECT t.status_id AS id, t.code   FROM sme....
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  • Concurrent TimeoutException

    Hello,   We are using infinispan 9.2 and following are high level application running params. We moved to 9.2 because of split brain issues encountered in the past with 6.2 around 1 year ago. Now we occasionally...
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  • Invalid method signature publishKeys in AdvancedCacheLoader and JdbcStringBasedStore

    below method : public Flowable<K> publishKeys(Predicate<? super K> filter); in class JdbcStringBasedStore has invalid signature of parent method in class AdvancedCacheLoader https://docs.jboss.org/infinisp...
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