• Method Content Comparison

    I am trying to make a compatibility class loader.   General scenario. People edit the source file, change the contents of a few methods and add a few fields and then recompile the class. I then compare the orig...
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    last modified by chicken_bones
  • How to solve java.lang.VerifyError ?

    Hi there,   I am just working on an instrumentation project. Target is to instrument android applications. I know its a different VM, but I found a way that works :-).   I do the instrumentation, after the...
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  • Help for java.lang.VerifyError when modify a method

    Hi,all,      I write a class named Bsafproxy which will change the method  of the org.jdesktop.application.ResourceMap in the basf-1.9.jar; I don't know why it can not work, who will do me a ...
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    created by Eirc Zhao
  • How to add parameter annotation to new Method ?

    Hi.   I faced with one case. On my work I got necessity make proxy for class which contain methods with annotatuions. Some methods has parameter annotations, like this:   public void theGameIsRunning(@Name...
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  • Problems with the tomcat classloader

    Hello   While developing a very small and lightweight j2ee linke server, I try to extend a abstract class at runtime using:   ClassPool pool = ClassPool.getDefault();       ...
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    created by Roland Käser
  • Next release date ?

    Hi Javassist team, I'm wondering if there is any planned date for the next Javassit release (3.16.0-GA) ? We are looking for the fix JASSIST-127   Thanks and keep up the good work !   Vincent
  • Adding a Method Annotation not working as expected...

    Hi All,   I have a few classes ( in a supplied jar) in which I am trying to mark certain specifc methods as "Deprecated" . I am able to use javassist and add the annotation to the method (code attached to the ...
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    created by Amit P
  • Does javassist provide the option to save/load a class definition to/from an XML file?

    Does javassist provide the option to save/load a class definition to/from an XML file? If not, is there any other tool or library that can easily be used to provide this?   Thanks
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    created by Mike Stoddart
  • Class loader issue in javassist

    I am trying to get a hold on javassist for one of our companies projects. I wrote this simple class for testing       {code} public class Main {     public void test(){   &...
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  • how to get ClassPool in EclipseApplication

    Hi, I have a problem with getting the ClassPool in my EclipseApplication.   Here's the Use Case: I have an EclipseApplication where I can "run" my Interpreter for diagrams. To evaluate the guards i wanted to ch...
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    created by sprigg
  • VerifyError on auto generated code

    I have a code generator that wraps a set of pojo's. I have been running it using the tools library successfully compiling the java previously.   In the latest version i have changed to javaassist 3.15.0.GA and n...
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    created by George Taylor
  • how to use javassist.compiler.ast.Visitor

    Where can I find any example or tutorial about how to use ast.Visitor & C°?   Thanks Pierre
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    created by Pierre Raoul
  • Static imports support in javassist?

    Dear all,   Could anyone suggest if static imports are supported in javassist? If yes, in which manner a static import can be added after we created an instance of CtClass?   Any suggestions are highly ap...
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    created by Ivan B
  • Adding interface to an existing class

    Hi   I have a class which is in legacy system and we cannot change the class. I need to create a java proxy for that class but this is a class without interface. So I have created an interface and write the fol...
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    last modified by Mohammad Norouzi
  • running tattletale on solaris

    Hello,   it's strange but trying to run tattletale on one solaris 10 sparc machine we have fails with: bash-3.00# java -Djava.ext.dirs=`pwd` -jar tattletale-1.1.2.Final.jar share/tomcat5 ttt_tomcat5 Exception in...
  • Drools Assistance

    Can someone please assist me by specifying the Drools FORUM that can be used within JBoss to assit everyone further.   This is very IMP as well as URGENT.   Thanks and Regards, Starfish
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    created by starfish15
  • lastest version?

    Hi, I noticed that Hibernate is depending now on 3.12.1.GA, while JBoss7 seems to be built with javassist-3.14.0-GA.jar according to this log: https://hudson.qa.jboss.com/hudson/view/JBoss%20AS/job/JBoss-AS-7.0.x-Tatt...
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    created by Sanne GRINOVERO
  • how to get filtered values from list<String>

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    created by srikanth thandra
  • Javassist truncates big class file

    I have a problem with Javassist. When I try to edit a (relatively) big class file (38KB), Javassist will truncate it. It is the biggest class file I have tried editing, so I am asuming it has something to do with the ...
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    last modified by David Iglesias
  • x raise to power n in drool table

    depending upon x and y how we can give following expression in drool table. x^3 + y^3
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    created by Sumit Taneja