• how many resource adapaters i can use in the  wildfly config

    Hi Friends/team members,   i need help actually,   i have confiured the resource-adapter active mq in my wildfly 8.2 how many  i can condfiure ata tim e, i want confiure the IBm mq also ,   in m...
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  • not able to load the active-mq.rar  module

    HI team,   i have followed  below url the   configuration  standalone-full.xml https://developer.jboss.org/wiki/HowToUseOutOfProcessActiveMQWithWildFly   to integrate  wildfly...
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    created by srikanthvaddi
  • How to configure maxdeliverylimit and DLQ for a message in MDB in jboss 6 using IBM MQ

    I need help on IBM MQ messaging in Jboss 6 server. I am using MDB's to listen messages from IBM MQ in jboss 6 server. and I am using trasactions(container,Required) for MDBS.   After MDB3 listens message and pr...
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    created by sateeshn43
  • which JBOSS AS server is best for the  integrating active MQ 5.9

    Hi Team,   i need suggestion i am java developer in standard charted , i am having 3+ years experience in java dev ,   i  need to intregrate active MQ with JBOSS AS (configuring in resource adapter ),...
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  • jBPM6 Map Outgoing Message Data Form

    Dear users,   I am new to JBoss and JBPM and I have a very basic question.   Does anyone can explain to me how I can use EndEvent messages?   I have tried many times through Eclipse plugin, but I do...
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    created by francescaz
  • JBossMessaging_1_4_0_SP3_CP09 download

    Hi,   JBossMessaging_1_4_0_SP3_CP09 is not found in JBoss Messaging Downloads - JBoss Communit   We are using JBoss 4.2.2 GA and I want to use the fix done in https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBMESSAGING-16...
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  • On JBoss 5.1 JMS related method calls sometimes hangs for a long time in our JMS clients

    On JBoss 5.1 JMS related method calls sometimes hangs for a long time in our JMS clients - e.g.: jndiContext.lookup(topicConnectionFactoryJndiName): takes about 70sec topicConnectionFactory.createTopicConnection(...
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    created by rasmuslund
  • JBOSS 5.1 messages got stuck and error is coming in log file.. can any one please help to resolve this issue

    [ERROR] 29-Oct-2014 21:56:40,923 com.ideas.airfoil.commons.workflow.framework.WFStartupConfigurator Application Error Code :[null]com.ideas.airfoil.commons.exception.BaseException: org.jboss.jms.exception.MessagingJMS...
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    created by rushabh.surana
  • JBoss Messaging over HTTP

    Hi all,   I am using JBoss EAP 5 with JBoss Messaging 1.4.8.SP9. and I need to set up a new ConnectionFactory for JBoss Messaging wich uses HTTP(s).   In the file deploy/messaging/connection-factories-ser...
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  • How to disable the log "18:30:00,028 INFO  [stdout] (QuartzScheduler_Worker-3)....."?

    Hi, all   I use wildfly 8.0 as the server and slf4j+logback. I have run into a problem and expect for your help:   1. Messages similar to "18:30:00,028 INFO  [stdout] (QuartzScheduler_Worker-3)" usu...
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  • How to configure JMS pooled connection factory for remote client in jboss EAP6.0

    Hi,   I have a remote JMS client writing to a queue on a remote JBoss A-MQ, it currently open&close connection every time it writes a message. I am trying to replace this with pooled connection for better pe...
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  • Possible to change the number of processing threads at runtime

    I am currently throttling back the number of MDB processing threads using StrictMaxPool and the maxSession activation config property. I have specified the same value for each in jboss.xml and ejb-jar.xml, where I all...
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    created by stuartw
  • JBoss JMS client loses connection after server restart or n/w failure

    We have jbossesb-4.10 component installed on jboss-5.1.0.GA-jdk6 server. It is integrated with Sonic ESB. The JBoss JMS client at Sonic ESB end, looses connection with JBoss ESB after JBoss server restarts with 1 ho...
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  • Message Delivery In a JBoss 5.1 Clustered Environment

    I have a 2 server test cluster with the queue and queue connection factory configured for cluster. I place 10 messages on the cluster on server 1 (configured for 5 listeners).   Server 1 picks up the 5 messages ...
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    created by mjrother
  • MDB failed with exception: 'Failed to acquire the pool semaphore, strictTimeout=10000'

    Hi All,   We are facing a strange Behavior with MDB time out. Here is the scenario We have 2 MDB say MDB1 , MDB2 When i submit the message the message to MDB1 then MDB1 will process the message and put the mess...
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    created by shashikanth86
  • How to stop/start an MDB programmatically?

    Hello,   Can anyone give me some basic pointers as to how to stop a running MDB?   Thanks!
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    created by jalvares
  • Urgent - orphan channels in JBM_MSG_REF

    Hello guys - we are on EAP5.2 with JBoss Messaging 1.4.8SP9 with 2 node cluster. I am seeing a a rather unusual (?) behavior in JBM tables after a force kill on one of the nodes in cluster. I am trying to find out how...
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    created by joe_boy12
  • Jboss 5.1 failover takes a lot of time

    Hello Everybody I have 2 nodes jboss cluster running on 5.1 AS. I'm trying to test the cluster behaviour in the case of network failure, When I plug-off network cables from the first node (actually down ports on Ci...
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  • WildFly broker-less messaging with JGroups

    Hi All,   I want to implement a broker-less messaging architecture (TIBCO RV / ZeroMQ style) among group of WildFly servers (each of which in a standalone mode). The use case is to publish a message from one se...
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  • JMS Consumer can not resolve class of the object passed in ObjectMessage

    i'm using JBoss AS7 and I'm trying to send and receive object trough JMS. Here's my code:    public void onMessage(Message m) { try { ObjectMessage ob=(ObjectMessage) m; Object o= ob.getObject(); System.out....
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