• How do I edit layout ?

    How do I edit layout ?  I want to remove those  marked areas.
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    created by antivirus
  • Deployment errors with JBOSS

    Hello all,   Attempting to deploy a *simple* Web application and get the following listed below.   What is the problem?   TIA   2010-09-13 12:22:36,382 DEBUG [org.jboss.system.ServiceCreator] (...
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    last modified by d0mufasa
  • How to Clear portlet cache

    In my jboss portal I have different Tabs like Home,Reports and apps. I clicked on Home tab first, all the portlets in Home tab got loaded and did some operations in all the portlets. So resultant portlets displayed in...
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    created by lalitakamde
  • JBoss EPP 5.2 Redirect when No Access Permission

    Hi I am facing an issue with JBoss EPP 5.2.   When a user doesn't have a permission for a particular page and click on the link for the page then the link doesn't redirect him to anywhere. Basically the link do...
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    created by faranjust4u
  • Is JBoss Portal 2.7.2 compatible with JBoss Application Server 6.1 ?

    Hi Friends,   Is JBoss Portal 2.7.2 compatible with JBoss Application Server 6.1 ?  Can any one answer for this. I really appreciate if any one provide reason or documentation if it not campatible.  ...
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    created by sgajawada
  • Applying roles to users(Authorization) in JbossPortalserver

    Hi All, Admin can able to assign roles to the user. My requirement is to log the admin details while providing roles to users . ( We have more than 50 Admins in our portal . We have to know "Who is giving roles t...
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    last modified by raviteja
  • Account Lockout on unsuccessful login attempts

    Hi,   Is there an Account-Lockout logic available in Jboss portal on a specific number of login attempts?? If yes, then where is it configured? If no, then is there any way to extend the code to support this log...
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    last modified by yogip
  • Migration from Sharepoint Intranet Portal to JBoss Portal -- (Urgent)

    Hi Guys,   We are considering moving our corporate intranet portal (max 500 users) hosted on Sharepoint 2010 to JBoss opensource portal paltform. I am tryign to map from Sharepoint portal to JBoss and need to co...
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    last modified by salient_star
  • UK based jBoss developers wanted

    A global organisation are currently recruiting for an experienced Java/J2EE Developer with excellent JBoss skills for an important SSO portal development project. You will be responsible for the development of a singl...
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    created by anthonyuk2013
  • JBoss : create custom roles

    Hi,   I am working on a JBoss portal containing several pages. These pages and the user having acces to these pages are define in the "...-object.xml" (using the <portal> => <page> => <secu...
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    created by grinn78
  • Why is JB Portal gone? Is GateIn Portal really the replacement?

    Not too long ago my group evaluated a number of open source portal products for a customer. We evaluated JBP, Liferay, and Exo. We didn't like Exo much, and we spent most of our time with Liferay and JBP.   Whil...
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    last modified by dgodbey
  • Custom data transfer - Consumer to WSRP Producer

    What are the possible ways by which Cosumer can transfer data to WSRP Producer.   I have to pass logged in user-name and some other custom data to WSRP producer from Consumer JBOSS Portal.   Is there any t...
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    created by sun4amit
  • Is JBoss Portal 2.7.2 compatible with JBoss EAP 5.1 ?

    When I installed JBoss Portal 2.7.2 on JBoss EAP5.1, I got the error:   ERROR [AbstractKernelController] Error installing to Parse: name=vfsfile:/home/XXX/vault/jboss-eap-5.1/jboss-as/server/default/deploy/jboss...
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    created by robin622091
  • Acess Role of Remote User in Jboss portal

    Hi experts ,   Can anyone please tell me how yo acess the role of user who is log in on the portal. for eg if  user xyz is login with the role rolexyz then i want to acess that role in action of the jboss ...
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    created by lalitakamde123
  • JBoss Portal java.io.NotSerializableException: javax.portlet.PortletMode

    Hi everyone,   We are using jboss-epp-4.3 and when I accessing the portal application we always see in the server log the follow exception. Im trying to found a workaround but I don't have success.   Here...
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    created by lfal99
  • JBOSS Portal Security

    Hello; 1) After an authentification by JAAS login ( its a developped module), I tried to find the subject object, but I have null value : String SUBJECT_CONTEXT_KEY = "javax.security.auth.Subject.container"; Subject ...
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    last modified by spring
  • logout from portal from User Administration Portlet

    Hi   We have requirement to logout user from UserAdministration portlet once he updates his details from that portlet. Is there any way to do from backing bean?   Thanks!!
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    created by tanvi2808
  • Notifications in the portal

    Hello,   I would like to add a system that notify (like Growl in OS'X) when one of my portlet have au new event. I have several portals with several differents portlets and I want notify each new event in all po...
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    created by erma
  • Can JBoss Portal handle more than one JSF portlet on a page?

    Hi, I'm having non-reactive behavior to my action and actionListeners on my jsf portlet when I add another jsf portlet to the page? is jboss portal setup to handle multiple jsfs on one portal? only workaround i can co...
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    last modified by echoi1975
  • Migrate from EPP 4.3 to 5.1.0 - Show user-defined Page after login

    Hello JBossies,   while migrating from JBoss EPP 4.3 to EPP 5.0 we are facing a problem to migrate a mechanism we use to display programatically another portalpage than the default one. Normally JBoss portal ...
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    created by dwasser