• Repository migration from 2.8.3 to 3.8.1

    Hi,   is there some guidelines to follow to migrate a 2.8.3 repository to a new 3.8.1 repository? Is the xml "export and reimport" the only way to do that?   Thank you.   Regards.   Francesco.
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  • Neo4j Connector for Modeshape 3.0

    The new Modeshape architecture in 3.0 seems to be geared towards simple blob-stores, and there is no more discussion of connectors to e.g. SVN. Is this intentional, and would that preclude the possibility of creating ...
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  • How to use the "db-binary-storage" option in MS3 Beta3 / Jboss AS 7.1.1

    Hi,   I've managed to get MS3 Beta3 up and running in Jboss AS 7.1.1.   I'd like to try out the "db-binary-storage" but I'm unable to get Jboss AS to accept the configuration... It keeps claiming that the ...
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  • Versioning: Java exceptions at the "session.save()"

    Hi,   I m new in ModeShape and I m try do understand it mostly by examples.   I m trying to update a node content with a string value and byte values and visualize all the versions about it. I reatrieve th...
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  • How to control Transaction Isolation level in Modeshale

    All,   I am using Modeshale 2.7. I want to control the Transaction Isolation level - can some one guide me on this?   As per https://issues.jboss.org/browse/MODE-983 It appears this should be possible. &...
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  • BinaryStore on GlusterFS?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any experience using the file system BinaryStore on a GlusterFS filesystem with replication across multiple hosts. I would be interested in any experience or opinions on such a setup ...
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    created by bwallis42
  • Next generation federation requirements

    We need a federating connector that has a much more sophisticated mapping capability than the current one has. I have been making some brief notes about what we might need (included below) and am interested in any su...
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  • Object Content Mapping (OCM) Support

    Hi, I noticed that Seam 3 development has been halted. I was interested in making use of the OCM framework it has for JCR. Are there any plans to have that as part of Modeshape or is it going to be part of a diffrent...
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  • Could not load or find a ModeShape repository

    Hi guys,   I'm testing the new implementation of ModeShape 3 with my JBoss 7.1.1 Final. I've followed the installations steps one by one. I start the server with the parameter -c=standalone-modeshape.xml and at...
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  • Best way to configure ModeShape & Hibernate Search so that indexes are stored in Infinispan

    As you may know, ModeShape has been offering for some time now the possibility of configuring its indexes to be stored in Infinispan, via Hibernate Search's Infinispan integration. However, we've been having an increa...
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  • 3.1 SNAPSHOT and JBoss AS7 kit issue

    I've been using a 3.1 snapshot for my development for the last couple of weeks as it contains a number of fixes for issues that I need for my development.   I have an arquillian integration test as part of my b...
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  • Class not found: ReflectionManager

    I have been porting an app from modeshape 2.8/Jboss as6 to modeshape 3.0.0/jboss as7.1.2   It is mostly working now but I am getting the following warning for a class not found.   As far as I can tell th...
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  • Experience with Clustering

    I am just beginning to explore clustering Modeshape and I think I am running into MODE-1769 which I thought was fixed in the trunk. I downloaded JBossAS 7.1.1.Final from the website, installed ModeShape 3.1.3.Final, c...
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  • Full text search and text extractors

    Hi, I'm looking for information concerning text extractors and full text search in Modeshape 3.0. Unfortunatelly documentation pages are empty.
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  • Error while trying to setup Tika text extractor in modeshape

    I am running into an issue while trying to setup Tike text extractor in mode shape. Following is the error I am getting when running my application with Tika text extractor.   17:00:55,076 ERROR [stderr] (modesh...
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  • Search in ModeShape

    I'm evaluating ModeShape as a potential replacement for an existing non-JCR content repository, probably using federation to make existing content available using JCR. So I have a bunch of questions about ModeShape, o...
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  • Can I use ModeShape for transactional large data?

    Hi Author,   I'm currently evaluating ModeShape as data store to replace relational database since my data model is inherently hierachical and deep inheritance tree. There are basic two kinds of data I need to ...
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  • bind variables and constraint functions

    should this work?     {code} Query query = queryManager.createQuery("SELECT d.* FROM [inf:document] AS d WHERE ISDESCENDANTNODE(d, $path) LIMIT 1", Query.JCR_SQL2); query.bindValue("path", vf.createValue("/...
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  • DocumentAlreadyExistsException when creating node

    Hi,   I'm using ModeShape 3.1.0.Final embedded in an application (repository cache backed by a JdbcStringCacheStore) deployed in JBoss 5.1.0.GA. Most of the JCR functionality works as advertised, but I'm facing ...
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  • Content Management Interoperability Services(CMIS) interface for Modeshape.

    Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) is an open starndard that defines an abstraction for controlling diverse repositories using web services. It seems that best way is to use Apache Open CMIS (Chemistr...
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