• Modeshape can't load custom binaryStorage in grails project

    @ Hi Guys,   I was trying to setup a grails application with modeshape 3.7.2 Final, I met two issues, one is "Unable to load component metadata!" and the other is grails can't load custom binaryStorage, the fir...
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    created by zhoule
  • Missing "intializedAt" key in Document object - RepositoryCache()  modeshape-jcr-api-3.1.1.Final.jar while setting up repository

    Hello - I'm getting error while setting up repository using modeshape 3.1.1.jar -   RepositoryCache() constructor - Document info = repositoryInfo.getContentAsDocument(); // line 171 Below is the debug hove...
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    last modified by siddharth.garg
  • Compressed binaries on filesystem

    Hello!   We start using Modeshape from version 3.2.0 and some time ago notice several compressed binaries in binaryStorage which is configured to file system. This files looks like GZIP archive 218db5beb577bdf96...
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    last modified by leonid.marushevskiy
  • BinaryStore on GlusterFS?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any experience using the file system BinaryStore on a GlusterFS filesystem with replication across multiple hosts. I would be interested in any experience or opinions on such a setup ...
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    created by bwallis42
  • Modeshape repository not fully initialized

    i got this error when trying to startup an application on jboss 7.1.1 with modeshape 3.1.1.Final  :   16:05:31,233 DEBUG [org.modeshape.jcr.cache.RepositoryCache] (MSC service thread 1-4) Waiting for reposi...
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  • jcr modeshape 3.2.0 getNodes by a name pattern

    Hi, I need to get nodes that they are duplicated. like: myNode[2]. when I get one node by root.getNodes("myNode[2]");   every thing is OK! But Now I want to get all of nodes that have "[2]" in the end of n...
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    last modified by fazileh
  • Filter by root path not working?

    Hi, guys,   I only want to find artifacts in the /s-ramp root folder and am executing the following query:   SELECT * FROM [sramp:baseArtifactType] WHERE [sramp:uuid] = 'db6940d3-e9cf-4d0e-a8bb-785a13fc4a...
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  • Checkin & Restore not work in 3.3.0

    Checkin result in the issue [#MODE-1822] VersionManager.checkin throws exception in the transaction when using JTA transaction manager - JBoss Issue… restore will throw exception      Thi...
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