• Different behavior of JNDIRepositoryLookup and UrlRepositoryLookup in JcrRepositoriesContainer.java (NoSuchRepositoryException)

    I get NoSuchRepositoryException on every query in ModeShapeEngine.java, version 5.4.1, line 259 when "org.modeshape.jcr.URL" for RepositoryFactory is defined by jndi entry.   Two ModeShapeEngine objects will be ...
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    created by gerhard.stummer
  • Modeshape Repository Web Explorer + Spring Boot

    Hello,   We are evaluating JCR+Modeshape 5.0x and we want the capability of browsing the content repository. We have integrated Modeshape within Spring Boot successfully but when it comes to have the repository ...
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    last modified by jimleroyer
  • Implementing Amazon S3 in JBOSS

    Hello I am totally new with Amazon S3 AWS, in my project i have to receive some file from amazon S3. Can anyone let us know how to implement amazon s3 with jboss? Thanks in advance
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    last modified by alam.junaid30
  • Workspace deletion not synchronized

    Hi   We have a project running ModeShape with 2 nodes. When we delete a workspace it is correctly removed from the node performing that task, however this action is not synchronized to the other node. That node ...
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    last modified by awig73
  • Performance degradation when inserting many nodes

    I am trying to insert thousands of nodes at a time. To begin with ModeShape performs satisfactorily but after a short time performance drastically degrades. Here is the code I run:       ...
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    last modified by jacobilsoe
  • ModeShape Shareable Nodes REST API

    I am working on a project where we are using ModeShape's RESTful web services (ModeShape v5) to interact with our repository. We are using custom node types and need to allow nodes to have multiple parents. I know tha...
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    last modified by quintanilla.justin
  • Memory footprint of long-running session

    Considering Short-lived vs long-lived sessions and ModeShape memory usage it's become inevitable to avoid long-running sessions. But using observation feature of JCR seems impossible without long-running session. And ...
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    last modified by zcc39r
  • Determining if binary already exists using SHA-1 hash

    Folks,   I'm aware that ModeShape stores files in the binary store using their SHA-1 hash to avoid duplication - I was wondering if there is an efficient way to search a JCR repository by HexHash rather than JCR...
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    created by shane_k
  • ModeShape[5.x] concurrent transactions from different sessions not possible

    Been trying to add new content(nodes) from different sessions but it doesn't seem to work concurrently. The session that starts the transaction must finish it before the second one can do anything even if they are acc...
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    last modified by shock21
  • Modeshape delete node and recover space on File system

    I'm using Modeshape 5.4.0 with File system persistence. I'm storing all the subsequent files/resources in this particular node (/uploads) which is of type "nt:folder". I deleted all the nodes in the /uploads node by u...
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    last modified by rakz
  • New node version not being seen in another process that has the same repository

    We have two process that has exactly the same repository configuration (please see attached). When the first process checks in a new version, the second process cannot see it immediately. However, if the repository wa...
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    last modified by jeh.sandoval
  • Cannot checkout node

    Hi everyone, After migration from Modeshape 4 to 5, we found the next strange behavior in versioning: Saying we have the next structure:   [kn:node] > kn:base, mix:etag, mix:lockable, mix:referenceable, nt:u...
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    last modified by predatorro666
  • Error starting up - RepositoryIndexManager - Ignoring all index definitions for provider '{}'

    Hello, I'm using ModeShape 5.4.1, with database persistence, and attempting to use ElasticSearch indices.   All of the references to the CNDs files and indices are defined in my repository-config.json file. When...
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    last modified by dharrison
  • JCR SQL2 query generating hundreds of SQL statements for a simple query

    We have a Modeshape application that is backed in MySQL in a MODESHAPE_REPOSITORY table. One of my nodes is of type  "tba:feedTemplate"   When i do a select to find all the nodes of this type :  "SELE...
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    last modified by scott.reisdorf
  • Cluster in AWS with docker and multiple host

    We embed the modeshape into our web applications in AWS. And now we have use the docker in our product but the cluster of modeshape doesn't work now. We deploy our web application in multiple ec2 instance in AWS and ...
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    created by hank.cheng
  • Modeshape 5 event buffer locking up?

    Hello all,   I am from the University of Maryland Libraries, where we are using Fedora 4 [1] as our digital repositories tool. Recently, we have been doing some mass ingests of objects into our repository, and a...
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    last modified by peichman
  • Index per workspace not working correctly

    Hi,   I'm using ModeShape 5.4.1 with the local index provider and I'm using this query:   QueryManager queryManager = session.getWorkspace().getQueryManager(); Query query = queryManager.createQuery("SELE...
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    last modified by r4b0
  • how to open a file.docx, doc

    hi all i using modeshape 5.4.0, and Wildfly 10.0.0 final, i have a problem, need open a file of Microsoft Office (Word), this file is already in the server.   i look in http://localhost:8080/modeshape-explore...
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    last modified by krstian117
  • Garbage collection thread hanging

    When the garbage collection thread runs, it runs forever and never completes.  The DBA eventually kills the DB query.  While it is locked, our ModeShape application is unresponsive.  I have changed the ...
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    created by zeiglerm
  • Unexpected repository file growth

    Folks,   We've recently encountered an issue where we are trying to import a relatively large number of documents into a Modeshape JCR repository. For now, we are storing the content using file-based binary stor...
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    last modified by shane_k