• how to integrate angular JS with seam 2.1

    Iam trying to include angular JS with seam 2.1 . tried to include the small snippet of code in a xhtml page : <div ng-app="">   <p>My first expression: {{ 5 + 5 }}</p> </div>   Ad...
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    created by bhanugst2015
  • Has someone implemented a trigger level in hibernate session?

    Hello friends, I am new to the forum, and to be honest I joined because I really need help with my problem. Just do not know how to implement a hibernate interceptor in Seam. // I implemented my trigger: public cl...
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    created by fiax
  • seamframework.org - We'll be back soon

    The site has been like this for a couple weeks.  Response from my JBoss / Redhat support account is that it is not maintained by them and suggested I post here to find out where it has migrated to.  Any clue...
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  • Upgrading a project in seam 2.2. in the future

    The project I started has now been there for 3 years and was writen using seam 2.2.2   It still works like a charm but we're thinking of upgrading the platform. It looks like Seam will not be maintained in the f...
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    created by gadeyne.bram
  • seam jsf page hang or not rendered

    Hi   We have a application ( screens mostly generated by seam-gen tool) It is a user inbox functionality where user clicks on a case, case detail is opened in a new tab. Some time, the case detail page is not ...
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  • What´s happening with Deltaspike development?

    The last release of deltaspyke was release in August, 2012. The development still continuous? The project have future? I was thinking about use my faces CODI, because I don´t see any progres in deltaspike in re...
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    last modified by rafaelmeireles
  • Any idea about, please!

    My application runs fine locally but on an intranet with multiple users have these problems. Help with some ideas community Here is the code which indicates the error and attach the file to see the output. pa...
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    last modified by jimmy10
  • Hibernate 4 on Seam 2.3

    I am seeing outdated discussions about this issue. I hope someone can help me.   I am trying to migrate our project from Seam 2.2 to 2.3 (which also includes migrating hibernate 3.x to 4.x) and I am having an is...
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    created by markjasonn
  • Seam Mail Templating not based on JSF

    I believe the easy JSF email templating is not to be delivered in Seam3 Email. This is sad as one way to do everything was a cornerstone of Seam2. Seam2 policy was to provide alternatives (wicket etc.), but to try...
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    last modified by tony.herstell1
  • how to create pdf and excel templates in Seam3

    I need to migrate my application from Seam2 to Seam3, which has some pdf and excel reports. How can I create them in Seam3. ie. create excel and pdf in seam3
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  • JSTL c:forEach causes CDI (Seam 3) @ViewScoped bean to invoke @PostConstruct on every AJAX request using Mojarra 2.1.18+

    This is a followup question to some questions on stackoverflow.com:   http://stackoverflow.com/q/2842401/396732 http://stackoverflow.com/q/2797231/396732   However, we're using Mojarra 2.1.22 but our Seam...
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    last modified by kwutzke
  • jboss 7.1  CDI and Seam 3 Security issue

    Hello, i have added to my project security seam as instruction on documentation but this generate this errore when start jboss 7.1:   Caused by: org.jboss.weld.exceptions.DeploymentException: WELD-001409 Ambigu...
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    last modified by jblbecarelli
  • Use of @Specializes doesn't work

    Hello guys,   I need to override the seam 3 cdi component IdentityImpl that has the cdi name "identity"( @Named("identity") ) to write my own Identity, but my component isn't called, because in my pages I use th...
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    created by rafaelmeireles
  • Issue creating a PDF using jBoss/SEAM(iText)

    I am creating a PDF using jBoss/SEAM and I want to align the table text to the right. The principle is described here. However, when I try the following code, the text isn't aligned correctly: <p:paragraph alignm...
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    created by kushtcs
  • Seam and Pentaho

    Hi, I am currently trying to display a report generated by Pentaho on a seam xhtml page. I started with this tutorial http://www.mastertheboss.com/jboss-stuff/develop-advanced-reports-on-jboss-with-pentaho But ...
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    created by winseb
  • Seam Faces @ViewConfig: @LoggedIn for everything but login page

    Is there a way to apply @LoggedIn for everything but the login page itself using the wildcard operator? The following does NOT WORK: @ViewConfig public interface Pages {        ...
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    last modified by miguelz
  • How to use seam with a non-webbased client

    First off LOVE SEAM!   Ok, for the SEAM gurus out there. I am working on a server client system. The server is an application running inside a J2EE application server (currently JBoss 7.1) . What I want to do i...
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    created by embrek
  • Faces Message not propagated into View after Redirect

    I'm adding a Faces Message which I should appear on the next page after redirection but it's not working. The page is rendered but the message is not shown. This issue was raised after I upgraded to Seam 2.2.2.Final f...
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    created by ronsi
  • Problem with projects generated

    Hello!!!   I' m new with this and I cant create/generate a project with SEAM 2.3 and AS7 In the CMD seam gen. What I have is this....   SEAM 2.3CR1-dist JBOSS AS 7.1. Final jdk1.7.0_45 and Eclipse Kepl...
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  • Can not set JSESSIONID Secure and HttpOnly with JBoss 4.2.3.GA

    Hi all,   My system use JBoss 4.2.3.GA and Seam 2.2.1. This is my root context: localhost/gate   As I google, there is a way to set the Secure and HttpOnly flag for the JSessionId   #1 if (response....
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    last modified by npquang_uns