• jboss seam excel

    jboss seam excel is using jxl work book implementation. How easy is it to migrate a current jboss seam excel with jxl implementation to one using apache poi implementation? In my project I have certain report generat...
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  • Connection handle has been closed and is unusable

    Hi,   I am frequently getting below error and my jboss-7 getting crashed.     11:15:44,123 ERROR [lsi.common.security.validator.CoreLogger] (http-/ IN dataaccessmanager catch block 1...
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  • Is seam 3 production ready release?

    Hi I am familiar with seam 2. But I have to start a new project. The project should be delivered in sept-oct 2011. Does it make sense to start using seam 3 now? Is seam 3 production ready? Regards, khalil
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  • Problems with WildFly 8 and Seam 3

    Hi,   I'm using WildFly 8 and I'm migrating my Java EE6 project to Java EE7 due to some WebSocket stuff.   In Maven, I use the following BOMs... org.wildfly.bom:jboss-javaee-7.0-with-tools:8.0.0.Final or...
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  • Injecting @SessionScoped bean into Filter doesn't match jsf

    I am having a weird error. We are using a servlet filter to do authentication checks and holding user state in a @SessionScoped bean.  it all seems to work fine except that when the session is invalidated either ...
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  • Annotations inside modules are not loaded

    Hi, I am trying to access a annotated servlet which is in modules directory.   Steps: 1. created jandex.idx for simple.jar simple.jar is just having a servlet which just says helloworld.(Note: I have used annotat...
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  • Unable to find XML mapping file in classpath: orm.xml

    I am trying to get the orm.xml file recognized. It is stored in my projects' EJB-sub project /ejbModule/META-INF but it ends up in the WAR in WEB-INF/lib. Even so, i still get the error message: 13:13:09,328 INFO [C...
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  • Which aproach is recommended?

    It seems that Seam has 3 aproaches to use. POJO+HEM POJO+JPA EJB3 I'm coufused about choosing the aproaches. It seems that the EJB3 is recommended by the official. But the framework extending isn't support by now. And...
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  • Jboss AEP 6.x - Ticket Monster local host deployed app

    I deployed ticket monster app locally on my jboss eap server. Later on i copied the jboss eap directory to a vm and started the jboss eap server inside the vm. Now Ticket Monster deployed app comes up fine inside the ...
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  • iText (PDF) support in Seam

    Seam 1.1.1 has the first iteration of our iText support for PDF generation. Now that it is out in the wild, I'd really appreciate feedback from the community on what you like and don't like. There are a lot of directi...
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  • itex barcode

    Hi, The tag <p:barCode/> doesn't implement the barCode UCC/EAN 128; the iText version 2.0.4 implements this barCode; it would be possible that the tag <p:barCode/> implements that barCode in the next seam...
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  • Seam mail. Where is it gone?

    Hi   I am currently moving a large project from Seam 2.3 to Java EE7, CDI and JSF2.2. One of the many things I am trying to find a replacement is Seam mail. From the Seam 3 page I can see that this was suppose...
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  • Unable to find a constructor that takes a String param or a valueOf() or fromString() method for javax.ws.rs.PathParam(“id”)

    I have a web service which will consume the xml data   @Override @GET @Consumes("*/*") @Produces("application/xml") @Path("page/{id}") public PageData getPage(@QueryParam("session") final String sessionId,  ...
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    created by sreenathac
  • How to add new module or subsystem for jasperreports jars in WildFly

    I want to pack jar files in a module and place it in Wildfly server. So that I don't need to attach these jars to ejbdeployment.jar.
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  • Jboss AS 6 + Seam 2.3 showing 404 error while deployment

    Hi All ,          Iam trying to create project with seam 2.3 and jboss 6 . When i create every thing is going fine but iam facing an error which is given below :   DEPLOYMENTS...
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  • SeamLoginModule Error invoking login method

    I am creating jsf 1.2 + Seam project. I am able to get the war and show the login page. While login, I am not able to success and get the following error. Can someone point me the mistake I did?   [SeamLoginModul...
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  • Failed to define class org/hibernate/validator/ValidationMessages in Module

    Hello, I am migration my application to the below technology,I am getting the error message while accessing my application in the browser. I have attached the error message log also. Migrating to new Tech: Rich ...
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    created by sivaprasad9394
  • Unable to find a MessageBodyReader of content-t ype application/xml

    Hi folks,   I'm trying to send GET request to REST service, but I'm getting the next error:   2015-05-26 12:35:44,147  WARN Runtime exception happened javax.ws.rs.ProcessingException: Unable to find a...
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    created by fjarenales
  • Getting started with Seam Spring on EAP 6.4?

    Hello. Can anyone provide leads as to why this Hello World Servlet isn't working?  There are no errors.  It just always prints null. @WebServlet( urlPatterns = { "/diagnostics" }) public class Diagnostic...
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    created by sboscarine
  • javax.ejb.EJBTransactionRolledbackException: JBAS014531: Cache entry {[...]} is not in use

    I am trying a new webapp based on RichFaces 4.2.2.   Following the model of seam-booking example I have an issue in Registrar class.   Here is it,   @Stateful @Model public class Registrar {  ...
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