• Replacement for Switchyard..

    Dear Folks,   Guess its a very old story now, but can someone point to me documents on why Switchyard is being de-supported please? Also what is the path to replace it?   Best Regards   Ravi
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    created by doyyan
  • migration guides

    are there any guides for migrating from sy to fuse based applications?  i have some larger sy apps that have mostly rest bindings which in turn use internal sy beans to manage the workflow.  some camel routi...
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    created by mlybarger
  • Server starts up, but doesn't respond, when started through jBoss Dev Studio.

    On some systems, when I start the server via JBoss Dev studio, it says it's started, but when I try to access the admin console, or any of it's service, I don't get any response.     When I click on the ser...
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    last modified by puttime
  • SwitchYard CamelRoute + bean (the bean method is not invoked)

    Hi, I'm new with Switchyard (got some project which uses switchyard) and have a problem with Camel + method from other bean...     So..  this is my project look like:   From "x" service the "...
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    created by vape8001
  • older release downloads

    obviously this project is fairly defunct, but i've got some apps that are using sy.   i'm looking for the older releases, but the download page on switchyard.jboss.org/downloads doesn't work for anything except...
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    last modified by mlybarger
  • Switchyard camel websocket integration

    Hi all, Is there an example or quickstart package in order to implements a camel websocket into jboss switchyard.   Thanks a lot in advance
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    last modified by francogar82
  • SwitchYard 2.1.0.Final now available

    The SwitchYard team has finished up work on SwitchYard 2.1.0.Final.    This release features WildFly 10 support, improvements in the SOAP and REST components, HTTP reference improvements, and support fo...
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    last modified by tcunning
  • JBoss Switchyard REST header interceptor..

    Hi,   My client server is calling a JBOSS Switchyard Bean which has a REST binding endpoint. The REST call has several parameters set in its HTTP header. I've tried a few things by Injecting Exchange/Message/C...
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    created by doyyan
  • How to invoke a service using both basic auth credentials and SSL (https exposed)? Switchyard Jboss FSW 6.0.0

    Hi all,   I've a problem invoking a service exposed using both SSL and basic authentication credentials (service SOAP/XML via WSDL). The same service has another instance callable via HTTP, requiring only basic...
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    last modified by cixsir82
  • switchyard version 2.1.0.Final error on SwitchYard: Wildfly Distribution

    Hi guys,   I have downloaded latest switchyard version 2.1.0.Final source code and trying to build it using mvn -Pwildfly clean install but getting the bellow error when it's building the last module: SwitchYard...
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    created by angelo.rlcosta
  • Building switchyard goodies error in tests

    Hello all,   I have just cloned git repos GitHub - jboss-switchyard/switchyard: Aggregated SwitchYard repository  and trying to build these goodies.   But am getting an error in test org.switchyard.te...
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    created by angelo.rlcosta
  • Soap Context Mapper copies transfer-encoding header to output

    Hi all.   I'm dealing with a possible bug in Soap Context mapper when the client is using HTTP Chunking. Please see the attached sample project.   Steps to reproduce: -Deploy the provided sample in Jboss...
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    last modified by hmaa
  • Status of WS-Security features in SwitchYard SOAP

    Where do things stand with respect to enabling WS-Security (i.e., digital signatures) for SOAP messages? We currently have an integration with a third-party system running under SOA-P 5 (JBossESB) that requires WS-Sec...
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    last modified by mike.daleiden
  • Maven artifact org.switchyard:switchyard-parent:1.1.1-p5-redhat-1:pom invalid

    Greetings,   The maven artifact org.switchyard:switchyard-parent:1.1.1-p5-redhat-1:pom is invalid as it is using references to ${project.version} and, hence, unusable in an inheritance schema. My scenario is as...
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    last modified by simplex-software
  • BPEL Console Issues - Not Able to Run

    Hi guys.   I want to run a PoC using BPEL+Drools/BRMS, but I'm not able to run BPEL Console.   I already figured out that there's a dependency issue on the BPEL Console war file. I've already forked the Sw...
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    last modified by bertol
  • Class not found exception while deploying switchyard quickstart application

    Hi, iam new to jboss fuse service works and switchyard. iam trying to deploy a sample switch yard application and getting below error.   08:56:32,482 INFO  [org.jboss.modules] (main) JBoss Modules version...
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    last modified by ravi21588
  • Can i have One Java Interface for multiple switchyard services (bean)?

    Hi,   I have one java interface with process method which i want to use for two different Service beans in Switchyard. is there a way to do it?   <sca:service name="Service1" promote="Service1/ServiceInt...
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    created by chintan_jboss
  • Wildfly startup gets blockek on org.apache.camel.impl.converter.DefaultTypeConverter

    Hi guys,   I am working on a switchyard project and trying to deploy it on wildfly but seems camel is stuck here: [Server:server-one] 15:54:22,161 INFO  [org.apache.camel.impl.converter.DefaultTypeConverte...
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    last modified by angelo.rlcosta
  • Transaction is not getting committed, even exception is handled in <do-catch>

    Hello,   We have switchyard components, which are Consumer(Receives message from Queue), Router(Transformation & Routing logic) & Provider (Will Endpoint provider). This is developed using Jboss EAP 6.1....
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    created by sabarinathm
  • XSLT not able to resolve file path while using direct-vm in JBoss FSW Switchyard

    We have developed integration components(Consumer, Router & Provider) using JBoss EAP 6.1. The flow of our integration is, a request will come to the consumer, the router will do transformation or routing logic, a...
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    last modified by sabarinathm