"The Cloud" is many things to many people, but in the example Andre Dietisheim blogs he is showing off how to use JBoss Tools server adapter together with the new Delta Cloud tooling to deploy to a server running on Amazon EC2.


I've embedded the video he did into this blog posting, but Andre's blog contains more details on how you can do this your self - such as configuring the right ports on Amazon EC2 and example image names/id's to try this out with.


Next steps

This screencast primarily shows off the current integration between Delta Cloud + JBoss Tools Server adapter + EC2 Images made by Marek Goldmann; images which anyone can use or create on their own as outlined in the screencast - and when they are done its like deploying against your own local server in the cloud.


We will be posting a demo showing off some of the other improvements that have been made in the latest JBoss Tools 3.2 release allowing for even more flexible deployments to a server (JBoss and others).


Have fun!