Last March, Max was blogging about moving the m2eclipse-wtp project to the Eclipse Foundation. We already had a website,

now I'm proud to announce the move is complete with the immediate availability of m2e-wtp 0.16.0, straight up from's servers

and just in time to accompany the Juno SR1 release.


This 0.16.0 release, while being primarily focused on bug fixes from the former m2eclipse-wtp version, adds some new features to help you convert your Java EE Eclipse projects to Maven.


Take a look at the New and Noteworthy and changelog to learn more about what's in for you.


Installation and gotchas

m2e-wtp requires at least m2e 1.1 (though 1.2 is recommended) and can be installed from its p2 update site : or the  Eclipse Marketplace.


Please note that, m2e-wtp and Sonatype's m2eclipse-wtp overlap and can not be installed together.


  • if you try to update your Eclipse installation via "Help > Install New Software...", m2e-wtp won't install because of the conflict with m2eclipse-wtp (this is a bug in p2).
  • if you add the m2e-wtp update site to your list of Available Update Sites, doing "Help > Find Updates" should find m2e-wtp as a suitable replacement for m2eclipse-wtp, and everything should update properly.


The safest path to upgrade is to start from a clean Eclipse installation. Good thing you just downloaded Juno SR1 right?


Oh, by the way, JBoss Tools 4.0.0.Alpha2 and JBDS 6.0.0 Alpha2, coming in the next few days, will be compatible with m2e-wp 0.16.0.


Looking forward

The project is still incubating at the Eclipse Foundation, while we're working on stabilizing it, its API and working on new features. We're hoping to make m2e-wtp part of the Kepler release train,

and why not, integrate it direclty into the Eclipse Java EE distribution next June.


Finally I'd like to give some kudos to the WTP team from IBM, who was really instrumental with the project migration to and who also provided several patches to m2e-wtp.

I'm confident that, together, we'll be able to greatly improve both m2e-wtp and WTP itself.