• How to use custom security with JMS destination rule in WildFly

    How to use custom security with JMS destination rule in WildFly. By default: <security-settings>                   ...
    valsaraj viswanathan
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  • How to use SPNEGO auth without keytab

    I am trying to get SPNEGO authorization working for my Wildfly instance but I'm having some trouble. This is a part of a porting process, going from Tomcat to Wildfly and I would like to have the first incarnation of ...
    Kevin Mark
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  • org.xml.sax.SAXException: Invalid system identifier: http://www.hibernate.org/dtd/hibernate-mapping-3.0.dtd

    Team,   Getting Invalid system identifier: http://www.hibernate.org/dtd/hibernate-mapping-3.0.dtd while loading HBM files. My application is working fine in JBOSS 5.x I am trying to deploy the same in wildfly 9...
    sidde sivajyothi
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  • Using jmx to get metrics for logstash (elk)

    Hi all,   I am trying to get logstash to get get VM metrics from  Wildfly 10 using jmx :   Setting: Wildfly running standalone on a VM on ELK running on a VM on (see my ELK-Vagran...
    Tulio Camminati
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  • Startup problems WF 10 using websphere MQ resource adapter

    Websphere MQ provides a resource adapter (wmq.jmsra.rar).   I have the latest for v8 (   But I can't get WF 10 to startup properly with the resource adapter and my ear.   I deployed ...
    Mark McGregor
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  • Running both 'ha' and 'full-ha' profiles on a same domain cluster

    I'm trying to set up a server-group with two servers running on a 'full-ha' profile on a domain that already has a lot of applications running on 'ha' profile, since I have an application that uses messaging. I have ...
    Thiago Presa
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  • New book on Wildfly

    I would like to share my last work on wildfly. This book published a few days ago by packt shows many examples of how to develop java EE 7. I've been focusing on the asynchronous part, batches and all the new stuff in...
    Luca Stancapiano
    created by Luca Stancapiano
  • How to configure thread pool in WildFly

    How to configure thread pool in WildFly? Is this need to add any additional settings to default profile?   Found this with JBoss EAP: 19.2. Connector Configuration   Similar way we can create thread facto...
    valsaraj viswanathan
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  • JMS Bridge between two Wildfly 10 application servers using remote connector (NO HTTP)

    Hi,   I want to create a JMS bridge between two Wildfly 10 application servers using a remote connector. I've already managed to create a bridge using a HTTP connector (http-remoting).   Does anyone know w...
    created by alegem
  • Could not connect to remote domain controller - WFLYHC0110: Unable to connect due to SSL failure

    Hi Guys,   I have setup wildfly in my local machine in domain mode and running fine without issues.   However when I try to enable HTTPS for management console the slave node throws error "Could not connec...
    Kiran T O
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  • JBoss AS7 REST Web application security migration to WidlFly 10

    Hi All, I have migrated my web application (REST APIs) from JBOSS 7.1.1 to WildFly10. There are total 2 REST APIs which are getting migrated to WildFly10. Initially i do not find any challenges while migrating my appl...
  • EJB.3.1: persisting objekts containing http-keys not possible

    Please help me to solve the following problem:       My Standalone-Client creates entities and the EJB have to persist these entities in the database.       It works wonderful, if the o...
    Grazyna Brzoska
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  • ClassNotFoundException in Module - How to reference javax.json module?

    I have written a HttpHandler which is defined as a module. Everything works fine but when I try to use JSON I get a ClassNotFoundException (stacktrace below) I'm new to WildFly so I don't fully understand the module ...
    Thomas Isaksen
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  • EJB thread pool analysis in WildFly-8.2

    We have run load test with single user submitting 100 forms.   EJB pool is set as:                <thread-pools>    &#...
    valsaraj viswanathan
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  • Random NoClassDefFoundError in WildFly

    Hello, We are struggeling with one issue for many weeks and we are running out of ideas.   We are have a set of ear modules (with war and ejb nested deployments) deployed in WildFly  10.1.0. Each module ha...
    Jiri Sebesta
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  • CLI to check thread count in WildFly domain mode

    <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:io:1.1"> <worker name="default" io-threads="100" task-max-threads="200"/> <buffer-pool name="default"/> </subsystem> I have set IO threads like this in Wil...
    valsaraj viswanathan
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  • ojdbc6 driver not in classpath when deployed via Wildfly 10 admin console?

    Hi all!   We are using Wildfly 10 for the first time, upgrading from JBoss EAP 5.1.2. One thing that we need is to have our datasources using the ojdbc6 Oracle driver. I know there are 3 ways to configure them: ...
    Rodrigo Oliveira
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  • Wildfly 9.0.2 increasing max-post-size

    Hi, At present Wildfly is using integer range validator to validate max-post-size parameter. We have requirement to support uploading of file size greater than 2.4GB (this limitation is due to integer range validato...
    Ganesh Saithala
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  • Redirect wildfly 10 <server-name> to netscalar url

    Dear All   I have configured cluster setup of wildfly 10.3 in two servers say server-a and server-b. Netscalar load balancer http://lb.domain.com is pointing to both the servers. I want to create a functionality...
    Keshav Mundhra
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  • Deployment Error in WildFly 10

    Hi, I am trying to migrate a JBoss 4.2 application to WildFly 10. There has been lot of configuration changes and one by one we are able to rectify many exceptions (related to class references, dependencies etc). My...
    Pawan Verma
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