• Wildfly 10.1.0 getting "anonymous" as principal name in EJB

    HI,   Problem Statement: context.getCallerPrincipal().getName() always gives "anonymous" with following client and server settings   Client Side Settings:   jboss-ejb-client.properties   Ini...
    Asim Khalil
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  • default remoting config cause hang on xnio pool exhaustion

    Hi All,   Can someone give me advice is default remoting config is really broken or I missing something.   Lets imagine following: - I have 2 jboss A and B - jboss B have application with remotely access...
    Igor Vagulin
    created by Igor Vagulin
  • remoting-connector in WF10

    Hi,   I'm trying to run some legacy JMS tests on WF 10 with Hermes.  I can run them on a standalone Artemis 2.3.0 + 1.1.0 by specifying brokerURL=tcp://localhost:61616, but can't seem to make this connectio...
    Carl Walker
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  • How to connect to a cluster of Artemis MQ servers?

    Hi all, from the documentation of WildFly 10 it is shown how to connect to a remote ArtemisMQ server: Connect a pooled-connection-factory to a Remote Artemis Server - WildFly 10 - Project Documentation Editor Howe...
    Mylos Kathos
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  • Removing journal files after server restart

    Hello experts,   In our production, we hit an issue that our WildFly 10.1.0 server  can not start up and stuck at reading journal files. It stuck at below thread:     "ServerService Thread Pool ...
    Bui Van Nghiem
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  • Dynamically add security domain with war deployment.

    I use multiple security domains on my application server with different applications. I don't want to manage the security domains via the standalone.xml.   I found this article: Chapter 7. Dynamic Security Domai...
    Fabi Yo
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  • Redirect on version 9

    I am trying to redirect all traffic coming into http://servername:port to http://servername:port/App1, so it is the default I still need to reach http://servername:port/App2 directly also. What is the simplest way...
    Randy Thomas
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  • Dynamic SSLContext for JAX-WS?

    I'm trying to set the SSL context for a web service from a byte[] based keystore based on examples from the net (what did programmers do before StackOverflow?) using     bindingProvider.getRequestContext()....
    Nicklas Karlsson
    created by Nicklas Karlsson
  • Header information not captured in mod_jk

    Hi everyone,   I noticed that my custom header information does not show when I use mod_jk as my load balancer. Please I need help resolving this.   When I send a request to the actual container, the custo...
    Charles Megafu
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  • Outdated doc für ejb client

    Hi,   just want to point out that the WildFly doc contains some pages which should be updated to reflect the change to "WildFly naming client" instead of "EJB client API"/"remote naming project": https://docs.j...
    Wolfgang Knauf
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  • Does Wildfly distribute the messages of a queue among 2 consuming servers half and half?

    Hi, I'm observing a strange behavior with MDB processing queue messages. In my application, a wildfly 10 server instance (i'll call it the "main server") breaks up a job submitted to it, into smaller homogenious tas...
    ro ko
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  • wildfly 10 (domain mode) + apache 2.4 + mod_cluster 1.3.1 sticky session not working

    Hello,   I have set wildfly 10 as domain mode with:   - 1xVM with Domain Controller (domain.xml and hsot-master.xml) and apache 2.4 + mod_cluster 1.3.1 - 1xVM with Host Controller (host1.xml) and two serv...
    Luis D P
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  • Dependency from Module to EAR

    Hi,   Good Day....   We are working on a project to migratate J2EE application from WAS 8.5 to JBOSS EAP 7.0 and we are new to JBOSS.   Application bundle  with: 1) EAR (WAR and EJB) 2) Applic...
    Viswa Nathan
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  • JSP hot deploy in production, good or bad idea?

    I work for a company who sell a software product to be deployed on client premise.   A new feature I am designing is to enable user to extend the application, one of which is to customize the pages. User can cha...
    Rudi Adianto
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  • Cluster of wildfly instances in domain mode and configuration of message high availablity

    Hi,   I worked on cluster of standalone wildfly instances with message configuration for high availability using shared-store approach.   Now I am trying to working on cluster of wildfly instances running ...
    Wayne Wang
    created by Wayne Wang
  • Jaspic, JSESSIONIDSSO and Undertow

    Hi everybody, I used to have a standard plain old good JAAS module and a simple single-sign-on tag in the host configuration within undertow configuration :       <host name="default-host" alia...
    Alessandro Moscatelli
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  • How to inject a custom Infinispan cache in Wildfly 11.0.0-CR1

    Hi,   We recently started using a custom Infinispan cache in Wildfly 10.1.0.   We defined the cache like this:               <cache-container ...
    Dominique Toupin
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  • wildfly Elytron Security-Domain with multiple Security-Realm

    I am trying to implement an wildfly Elytron Security-Domain which will have multiple Security-Realm.   It is required that the security-realm should work like a Stack, that is, the authentication request will be...
    Joao Costa
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  • Wildfly 10.1.0 cannot edit/remove naming bindings values due freeze web admin console

    Hello. Wildfly web admin console freeze when i try edit/remove bindings record in configuration naming subsystem.   How I can workaround it without manually modifying configuration xml file ?
  • WF11 Standalone-Full-HA Clustering on AWS Beanstalk

    Hi everybody, I am going to use AWS to build an autoscaling architecture, made up of a variable number of standalone Wildfly application servers.   Therefore I CANNOT use any cluster mode or configuration for m...
    Alessandro Moscatelli
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