• Reusable Container Interceptor Packaging

    I am currently developing a container interceptor that I want the applications I am deploying to a WildFly server to be able to use by specifying the container interceptor in a jboss-ejb3.xml descriptor.   I hav...
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  • JAAS with UsersRoles code issue

    Dear all, Currently i would like to use JAAS with UsersRoles code in Wildfly 10.1.0 final, but i got the below exceptions:   DEBUG [org.jboss.security] (default task-40) PBOX00287: Failed to open properties fil...
    quang le
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  • Multiple new-connection-sql statements in datasource configuration?

    Hi      Is there some way in Wildfly 10 to configure multiple new-connection-sql-statements for a datasource? I need another ALTER SESSION SET statement and would prefer to keep all configuration in on...
    Nicklas Karlsson
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  • wildfly no http reject count or largest queue size

    In jboss 7 ,at web I can get rejected-count and largest-thread-count. I can look at these two indicators to see if I want to change the pool.   In wildfly 10 ,use taskPool and infinite  queue, but I can't ...
    Ben Gao
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  • EJB.3.1: persisting objekts containing http-keys not possible

    Please help me to solve the following problem:       My Standalone-Client creates entities and the EJB have to persist these entities in the database.       It works wonderful, if the o...
    Grazyna Brzoska
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  • Updating Last-Modified for static content served with Wildfly

    I have a war with some static files (mostly images) in the webapp deployed on Wildfly. Sometimes the application needs to update some of those files, which then get replaced in the filesystem. However Wildfly/Undertow...
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  • How to deply my war file to exactly "/standalone/deployments/" path

    I'm new with jboss, this question may be still. When i deployed my war using wildfly management console the war gets deployed at " /standalone/tmp/vfs/deployment/deployment89c6ca51abdff08d/ITS_Logs_GUI-delivery2.war-...
    Shubhajit Goswami
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  • how to restart host-controller in domain mode efficiently without risks?

    My companay uses wildfly 8.1.0.Final for middleware and the production system mode is in domain.   For some reason we have to restart the host-controller before auto-deploy. To resolve this, my workmates always...
    zhou long'fei
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  • Unable to read JMS messages in same Order from Queue on WildFly 10.1

    I am migrating our application from Jboss AS 5 to Wildfly10.1. In one of the flows we need to process the messages in same order in which they were put on the Queue. However messages order is changed by Wildfly on del...
    Mayank Gupta
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  • What is correct JNDI name format for Remote Context.lookup() by remote Java Client?

      Can Anyone tell me why all of these JNDI names for a JMS Queue cause Context.lookup() to throw:       javax.naming.NameNotFoundException ?   I’m working to resurrect an old...
    George Berish
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  • Wildfly 10.0.0 Accessing CLI programmatically

    What is the right way to access CLI programmatically using Wildfly 10.0.0?  I tried to use jboss-deployment-structure.xml to specify org.jboss.as.cli as a module and exclude all dependencies.  I got the foll...
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  • How to configure Wildfly 10 to send JMS messages from a Stateless Session EJB?

    I try to figure out how to setup Wildfly 10 so I can send a JMS 2.0 message to a queue. I added the messaging-activemq extention to my standalone.xml:   <extension module="org.wildfly.extension.messaging-act...
    Ralph Soika
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  • Share properties file among slaves in domain mode Wildfly10

        In domain mode , I am able to use properties file as a module but the problem is if there is any modification in the file then i'l need to do it for all slaves in the domain. I want to centralize the ...
    Happy Singh
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  • Openshift trouble deploying wildfly ear app

    Hello guys,   Im trying to deploy wildfly app in openshift origin, but somehow openshift is never getting .ear file to be deployed :/   This is the app ->GitHub - TMSantos/wildflysample   Locally ...
    Tiago Santos
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  • UT000025: Unexpected token 'message-digest' within header

    Hi,   I am trying Wildfly 10.0.1 Final and I have the error message in the title (UT000025: Unexpected token 'message-digest' within header) when I start the application server. I installed it on a Centos 6.9 wi...
    Inova Software
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  • Wildfly 10 XNIO XNIO001007 NullPointerException unexplained

    Dear all   A migrated our applications from JBoss 4 to Wildfly 9, and 10 recently. No problem at all, except on one site having more then 500 clients. After some days running well, we encounter this exception....
    Pierre Moreau
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  • Can't see the .war after deploy

    After I deployed an aplication from management interface on port 9990...it works perfect!!!   But... (there is always a but...)  I cant see the .war in %WILDFLY_HOME%\standalone\deployments directory.  ...
  • wildfly 10 server infinispan cluster not able to transfer the data to standalone JVM application

    Issue : We are getting the below exception in the standalone JVM application when it gets the data from the wildfly 10 server infinispan cluster.   Exception :   Logs in the standalone  JVM applicati...
    Shekar Reddy
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  • Wildfly 10 : cannot remove a global module from value

    Hi,   I'm writing some cli scripts through rhino implementation for our wildfly10 farm.   I try to implement removing for global-module that could be created by administrators. The cli script is ok when i ...
    Nicolas Ramos
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  • Performance impact on invoking remote ejb in Wildfly10

    I have deployed web application like below MyWebApp.war ---> which has web tier MyEjb.jar --> which has all ejbs Both are deployed in the domain mode. and while invoking the same I use java:global/MyEjb/... T...
    Happy Singh
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