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    CirrAS instances not seeing each other in EC2

    Kai Virkki Newbie



      I have deployed a management and front-end instances from the provided AMIs. I start the instances from command-line using the "ec2-run-instances" tools and give access_key, secret_access_key and bucket as a parameter (Base64 encoded file). I see from the management instance log that the front-end agent asks to join, but for some reason cannot see any instances in the RHQ dashboard .


      Any guesses what I'm doing wrong here? Do I need to manually enable something from RHQ for the instances to be seen/managed from there?


      I have also created the needed s3 bucket by hand to S3 and it's created to the same region where the EC2 instances are running. Should I see some things inside the bucket? It seems to be empty all the time...


      All help is greatly appreciated!