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    odbc connection test: <<warning: would handle the encoding 'utf-8' like ascii>>

    Marco Ardito Master

      Hi all,

      Hi, i'm moving first steps around jboss as and teiid.

      I just solved (thanks ramesh) my first mistake in configuring the quickstart portfolio-ds.xml, and now the virtual databas is UP


      now, as could be my main use for teiid, created a system dsn (win7prox64) from the ODBC administration console

      (used postgresql odbc unicode driver)

      (C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe): thought i got no errors like before, now i got this:


      <<warning: would handle the encoding 'utf-8' like ascii>>


      i'm using teiid 7.2 on jboss as 5.1 on a ubuntu 10.04 server distribution, using the quickstart examples (a simple derby database and a CSV file)

      postgres odbc connector is 08.04.0200 and i double checked all base and "datasource" parameters to be like in odbc section like:



      even googled a while, and searched this forum, with no success: so, what could this warning mean and, should i care?


      edit: i now tried the other driver, postgres ANSI, and this brings no warning, and the connection is successful...

      i still wonder if i should care about the other driver, and how, or just keep on with the ANSI one...


      Thxs, Marco