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    dynamic vdb for ms access

    Marco Ardito Master

      hi, i can't understand, as i am soo newbie in java, teiid & jboss connections, how should i connect teiid to a remote (ntfs share mounted) test.mdb file

      i would start with dynamic vdb in order to learn things. my teiid 7.2 server is ubuntu 10.04 server.


      - do i need a access-ds.xml and access-vdb.xml as usual?

      - how do i specify how to reach my test.mdb file?

      - do i need an odbc dsn, and connect to that from teiid?


      i made it up to mysql, but this is different...


      i am also thinking to excel data sources





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          Ramesh Reddy Master

          Yes and Yes to your questions. Teiid works with Access and Excel using the JDBC-ODBC bridge JDBC driver, to use this you need to create a DSN that can access your "test.mdb" file. I know how this can be done in windows, but never did it on a Linux.


          We have JIRA to support reading Excel files with out JDBC-ODBC but this is not resolved yet.



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            Marco Ardito Master

            thanks, i have no unix odbc drivers for msacces or sqlserver, and they're quite expensive...

            i dreamed of getting rid of windows servers for this...


            my imagination starts to think... i wonder if this could work:

            could I set up a teiid on a windows server (which has msaccess odbc drivers), and deploy a vdbs for all my msaccess sources

            and then access that win-teiid vdbs as data sources from a linux-teiid which connects to other sources?

            at least until i can get rid of msacess databases...would that make sense? would it be usable?


            does anyone know any other way?



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              Ramesh Reddy Master

              For SQLSever you can use open source JTDS JDBC driver, or you can download for free from Microsoft. The above scenario where you configure dual Teiid servers with one in Windows and one on Ubuntu will work, however you would have to sacrifice some performance.



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                Marco Ardito Master

                i am also investigating using sql server "linked servers" feature, never used though... sql server is one of my need ds. if i could "link" msaccess to sql server and get the data from teiid in this way... this could be nice.



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                  Marco Ardito Master

                  thanks.. i saw this querying the web.. nice.

                  mdbtools, although not apparently mantained, readonly and quite old, could be another way to reach mdb access files, although i would not be able to write...


                  i'll try something, and let you know here.