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    WebAppController REST : 404, no resource match, for url with portalcontroller

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      in the doc for GateIn 3.2.0, at chapter : "3.15.2. Controller in Action", the REST call to the WebAppController is : portalcontroller

      See : http://docs.jboss.com/gatein/portal/3.2.0.Final/reference-guide/en-US/html_single/#d0e2831


      So I guess the url is : http://localhost:8080/rest-pex-portal/private/portalcontroller

      (or http://localhost:8080/rest-pex-portal/portalcontroller, as the /private/ is not mandatory anymore).


      But I can't get the Rest service to respond.


      I get the 404 code, and the message : "There is no any resources matched to request path /portalcontroller"


      I have checked that I am logged as root on the portal.

      I have checked that the Rest service work well for the POM and "managed-components".

      I have checked that the JMX service is there, and responding, with the : "portal="portal",service=controller,view=portal"


      Still no answer for the WebAppController with REST call.


      Anyone has faced this problem ?

      Or any clue, to solve this ?

      How can I investigate the Rest services : what is in charge of the request and response ?

      Is it also the WebAppController of the portal ?

      or some other servlet ?


      Thank you,


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