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    [PortletBridge 3.2.1.Final] How to shorten generated id?




      I am using PortletBridge 3.2.1.Final with Richfaces 4.3.2.Final and I encounter some performance issues. It appears that javax.faces.context.PartialResponseWriter takes a long time when invoking writeAttribute method. As it works with client id, it has to handle things like "pbGp_f5f346df_2d333f_2d45f8_2db368_2dec81235ea3ff_j_id1:j_idt8:form:j_idt1251:j_idt1252:j_idt1286:j_idt1306:" where "pbGp_f5f346df_2d333f_2d45f8_2db368_2dec81235ea3ff" is the generated id given by the portlet bridge at compilation time (if I'm right).


      Is there anyway to shorten this id and thus have the ResponseWriter have better performance?


      Thank you for reading,


      Alain Baudry