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    problem with function TRIM

    gadeyne.bram Master



      I'm using teiid 8.9.1


      I have a database that contains some columns with multiple values separated with comma . So I'm trying to use a combination of case, substring and trim to split these values into multiple colums.


      The following statement part does not work:


      case when pos2 = 0 then trim(substring(Description, pos1+1))

      end as bed


      TEIID31100 Parsing error: Encountered "+1)[*])[*] end as" at line 3, column 68.


      If I add ' ' FROM to the trim statement it does work and returns a correct result.


      working statement:


      case when pos2 = 0 then trim(' ' FROM substring(Description, pos1+1))

      end as bed


      With kind regards