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    Is materializing entire models possible?

    Marco Ardito Master


      I am learning materializazion benefits, eg: for some slow models, I can create views and with specific options, instruct Teiid to materialize those viewws, even with autorefresh, lazy or not.

      Wonderful! This is really nice particularly when I have a view joining data between fast and slow datasources, because in this way all joined data is local to Teiid and applications response is faster, even if some data is old due to the refresh interval.


      But sometimes I could neeed to have nearly all data on those slow datasources (eg: google spreadsheets, big csv files, etc) ready for queries.

      But to do this, I need to create, for each of those models, a view that repeats all model fields, so that later the view can be configured for materialization...

      in this case I don't need to alter the model DDL, or join other data, I need the exact model, as Teiid retrievs it, but local, with all the nice materialization refresh options.


      So, what would be fantastic would be an option to materialize the entire model, if possible - note, there may be technical problems I don't know about. I'm just dreaming


      Could this be already done, maybe with some query caching technique I don't know about (yet), or requested?