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    Execution of stored procedure failed on Teiid


      I have imported SAP IQ stored procedure and trying to execute the same.


      Below is the way I have imported the procedures and related views:


      <model name="SrcModel_5" type="PHYSICAL" visible="true">

           <property name="importer.importKeys" value="false"/>

           <property name="importer.useFullSchemaName" value="true"/>

           <property name="importer.UseQualifiedName" value="true" />

           <property name="importer.TableTypes" value="VIEW" />

           <property name="importer.schemapattern" value="%"/>

           <property name="importer.importProcedures" value="true" />

      <source name="SrcModel_5" translator-name="sybase" connection-jndi-name="java:/dynamicST-DS-6" />





      EXEC SrcModel_5.dwhdb.dbo.sp_iqcontext()


      Error Log:


      13:12:21,669 WARN  [org.teiid.PROCESSOR] (Worker2_QueryProcessorQueue11) sQOZ5DwTHpU0 TEIID30020 Processing exception for request sQOZ5DwTHpU0.0 'TEIID30089 Required parameter 'SrcModel_5.dwhdb.dbo.sp_iqfile.dbspaceName' has no value was set or is an invalid parameter.'. Originally QueryResolverException ResolverUtil.java:505. Enable more detailed logging to see the entire stacktrace.