Every time when my supervisor ask me assessing the capability or performance of team member I feel very nervous, because I don't want any kinds of wrong assessment will result with wrong impression. But fortunately I try my best conclude serveral principals helpping me find out "how good of design you could". It is very important because it will help my supervisor find out who could get the deserved promotion and keep the whole team have the enough energy and good competition atmoshpere. So here I will list that.



  • Novice Level
    • clearness  - need communication and documentation for understanding
    • configuration  - less
    • coupling - tight coupling
    • reusability - beginning
    • diagnostic - hard
    • maintainance - hard
  • Proficient Level
    • clearness - need less communication and documentation for understanding
    • configuration - beginning
    • coupling - mixed tight coupling and loose coupling without correct judgement
    • reusability - intermediate
    • diagnostic - improvement or have capability
    • maintainance - improvement or have capability
    • complexity - beginning hide complexity
    • autonomy - beginning
    • flexibility - beginning
    • manageability - beginning
  • Senior Level
    • clearness - only need documentation could be understandable
    • configuration - intermediate and have more configuration capability
    • coupling - selection between tight coupling and loose coupling
    • reusability - beginning have the capability be reused by different senarios
    • diagnostic - provide the capability
    • maintainance - less effort for maintainence
    • complexity - most of complexity were hidden
    • autonomy - more autonomy decision happen
    • flexibility - provide enough flexibility for change
    • manageability - easy for manage
    • modulization - component idea come into play
    • scalability - beginning
  • Guru Level  (Note: I'm not guru so here were my guess)
    • clearness - easy for understandable
    • configuration - completely could be configurable
    • coupling - select suitable coupling strategy in different senarios
    • reusability - could be reused by different senarios
    • diagnostic - not only have the capability but also provide the assistance mechanism
    • maintainance - easy for maintainence
    • complexity - completely hide the complexity
    • autonomy - autonomy will be built-in
    • flexibility - easy accomodate many kinds of change
    • modulization - architecture and component idea come into play
    • manageability - not only have the capability but also provide the assistance mechanism
    • scalability - easy for scale improve the efficiency





1. The separation wasn't finalized. So that didn't mean if you already designed somthing many year but you didn't familar some term then you are not the level you are.

2. Nobody will capture all the factors, if you master some of them then you are that level already.

3. Even you understand the factors of one level, but if without practice and project proving we cannot tell which level you are.

4. Please not use this forum directly judge any person. Please reading and understanding that then refer from that for your judgement.

5. If you have different opinion, please throw out your points here. , stick or flower I will accpt.





I wasn't master of guru for design part, I just had many design experiences and all the information were my experience and study. So if may or may not accurate and each term I assume you know that. If not, please email to me: hqxsn@hotmail.com. I will help you on that.