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Hello everyone. As you most likely have read by now, Red Hat has recently reached an agreement with Exadel to open source their Exadel Studio Pro product, and contribute it into our new Red Hat Developer Studio product. This announcement marks a lot of changes for us, so let's just start at the top.


The project you know as JBossIDE will from now on be referred to as "JBossTools", and this is also the new home for the open sourced Eclipse plugins from Exadel. Red Hat Developer Studio will be our officially supported and tested project that is driven from the JBossTools projects, and will include some other externally bundled plugins as well. As a part of this merging and renaming, you will see the names and locations of many of our resources changing (some already have). To give you an idea of what to expect:

  • Forums have been renamed to JBoss Tools (users) / JBoss Tools (dev)
  • Mailing lists have been renamed to jbosstools-dev / jbosstools-announce / jbosstools-commits
  • IRC channel is now #jbosstools (still on freenode)
  • We have migrated from CVS to Subversion, and the new repository is located at:
  • Various wikis, documentation, etc will all be changed in the coming weeks/months


Along with various refactorings, we will also be changing some things in the way we release/distribute:

  • Each JBossTools component will now have it's own independent release cycle
  • Our main conduit of distribution will be our update site, which will always have the latest release of each component
  • If you are interested in bundled and tested versions of Eclipse/Webtools with our plugins, please take a look at our development subscription model and RHDS


On a final note, we have been hard at work over the past 2 months in making the Exadel codebase release into our project a reality.. you should see the new Exadel components (RichFaces Visual Editor, Struts Tools) in our repository soon. Along with the new codebase, we will be welcoming several Exadel employees as new contributors to the project. Overall we are very excited to be working with Exadel and bringing you (the community) a new breed of open source tools.. stay tuned!


The JBossIDE Team is happy to announce JBossIDE for Eclipse 2.0.0.Beta2!


We have included New and Noteworthy documentation with this release to go over all the major functionality changes in 2.0.0.Beta2, we highly recommend reading it so you can get the most out of the new features.


There are also more download options available. We now provide standalone component downloads that include no external dependencies (please see the "no dependencies included" link below). If you are unsure what you need, please visit our download guide which is nicely laid out and gives details for each option available.


Also, we have 4 new "demotorials" to help you migrate from JBossIDE 1.6 to JBossIDE 2.0, particularly surrounding our new JBossAS Adapter. You can find the links on the JBossAS Adapter New and Noteworthy page here:


Here are the various links:

New & Noteworthy
Download Guide

Sourceforge downloads
Bundle, ALL plugins, and standalone components:
Standalone components with no dependencies included:
MD5s, Unit tests:

Release Notes
Update site


JBoss Eclipse IDE 2.0.0.Alpha has been officially released!


This is our first major release to support Eclipse 3.2 and coincides with the latest Callisto release train.

Highlights of this release include:
  • A new JBossAS adapter based on WTP 1.5
  • FreeMarker IDE
  • Criteria editor and property auto-complete in Hibernate Tools
  • JBoss Seam pageflow wizard in jBPM Designer
Please visit our forum announcement for more links and info:


Rob Stryker, the newest full-time member of the JBossIDE team has been hard at work creating a new JBossAS server adapter. His new adapter features the things that you've already learned to enjoy in JBossIDE such as:

  • Start & Stop JBoss within Eclipse
  • Deploy from any resource view
  • Debug your code and use hot code replace to eliminate the need for re-deployment


On top of this, Rob's adapter also gives us:

  • A nice hierarchical breakdown of deployment and and verification logging in a new view
  • The ability to deploy & verify a deployment in one go.


And this is just the beginning! Rob has graciously created a demo for everyone to see, showing off all the new features and niceties of our new Webtools-based AS adapter.


Rob has re-made the demo in a smaller resolution and also showing off the new twiddle dialog.
Click here to see the new demo (note: 1024x768 resolution or higher is recommended)

If you are interested in demo-ing this new tech for yourself, please watch our nightly build server for a new build in the next few days that utilizes Eclipse 3.2, WTP 1.5, and our new JBossAS adapter.


JBossIDE has recently received a new JBossPortal plugin that was contributed by Kevin James. Kevin has made a demo of his new contribution, and would greatly appreciate your feedback!


You can see the demo here:


After you watch the demo, make sure to provide your feedback in our forums!


We're running a poll over in our user forums to try and track what version of JBoss AS our users are using with JBoss Eclipse IDE. We would really appreciate everyone's feedback! =)

Here's a direct link to the poll:


The JBoss Eclipse IDE Team is happy to announce the final release of JBoss Eclipse IDE 1.5!


A few quick links:

JBoss Eclipse IDE 1.5 Online Installation Guide
JBoss Eclipse IDE 1.5 Online Tutorial


The new features since 1.4.1 are too many to count, We suggest you take a look at the changelogs and release notes for all the previous milestones and release candidates to get a feel, but here is a high-level overview:

Overall Project Changes Hibernate Tools
  • Reverse engineer existing DB schemas to Hibernate and EJB3 POJO, hbm.xml, HTML docs, JBoss Seam components, DAO, etc
  • Interactively query your DB with HQL/EJBQL3
  • Advanced hbm.xml and cfg.xml editors with auto-complete
  • DB Model visualization
  • Externalized reverse engineering through ant
  • Automated wizard for cfg.xml with DB driver auto-complete
jBPM Designer
  • Visually design your business process with automated PAR generation
  • Swimlane support
  • jBPM Classpath Container including jBPM 3.0.2
JBossAOP Developer
  • Visual annotations for when a method or field will be intercepted by an Interceptor or Advice
  • Pointcut Wizard for previewing the methods and fields that will be matched by your pointcut
  • JBossAOP builder to remove the 2nd step AOP compilation process
  • JBossAOP application launcher
JBoss EJB3 Tools
  • EJB3 Classpath container based on your JBoss installation
  • Wizards for EJB3 Session and Message-driven beans
  • EJB3 Project wizard
JBossIDE Core
  • A First Run wizard that will guide you through converting your 1.4 projects to 1.5
  • Upgrade of xdoclet libraries to be compatible with Java5
  • .xdoclet/.packaging -> xdoclet/packaging-build.xml process is now handled by a builder
  • Webtools 1.0 integration has replaced our HTML/XML/JSP editors