The JBoss Eclipse IDE Team is happy to announce the final release of JBoss Eclipse IDE 1.5!


A few quick links:

JBoss Eclipse IDE 1.5 Online Installation Guide
JBoss Eclipse IDE 1.5 Online Tutorial


The new features since 1.4.1 are too many to count, We suggest you take a look at the changelogs and release notes for all the previous milestones and release candidates to get a feel, but here is a high-level overview:

Overall Project Changes Hibernate Tools
  • Reverse engineer existing DB schemas to Hibernate and EJB3 POJO, hbm.xml, HTML docs, JBoss Seam components, DAO, etc
  • Interactively query your DB with HQL/EJBQL3
  • Advanced hbm.xml and cfg.xml editors with auto-complete
  • DB Model visualization
  • Externalized reverse engineering through ant
  • Automated wizard for cfg.xml with DB driver auto-complete
jBPM Designer
  • Visually design your business process with automated PAR generation
  • Swimlane support
  • jBPM Classpath Container including jBPM 3.0.2
JBossAOP Developer
  • Visual annotations for when a method or field will be intercepted by an Interceptor or Advice
  • Pointcut Wizard for previewing the methods and fields that will be matched by your pointcut
  • JBossAOP builder to remove the 2nd step AOP compilation process
  • JBossAOP application launcher
JBoss EJB3 Tools
  • EJB3 Classpath container based on your JBoss installation
  • Wizards for EJB3 Session and Message-driven beans
  • EJB3 Project wizard
JBossIDE Core
  • A First Run wizard that will guide you through converting your 1.4 projects to 1.5
  • Upgrade of xdoclet libraries to be compatible with Java5
  • .xdoclet/.packaging -> xdoclet/packaging-build.xml process is now handled by a builder
  • Webtools 1.0 integration has replaced our HTML/XML/JSP editors