The JBossIDE Team is happy to announce JBossIDE for Eclipse 2.0.0.Beta2!


We have included New and Noteworthy documentation with this release to go over all the major functionality changes in 2.0.0.Beta2, we highly recommend reading it so you can get the most out of the new features.


There are also more download options available. We now provide standalone component downloads that include no external dependencies (please see the "no dependencies included" link below). If you are unsure what you need, please visit our download guide which is nicely laid out and gives details for each option available.


Also, we have 4 new "demotorials" to help you migrate from JBossIDE 1.6 to JBossIDE 2.0, particularly surrounding our new JBossAS Adapter. You can find the links on the JBossAS Adapter New and Noteworthy page here:


Here are the various links:

New & Noteworthy
Download Guide

Sourceforge downloads
Bundle, ALL plugins, and standalone components:
Standalone components with no dependencies included:
MD5s, Unit tests:

Release Notes
Update site