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The Open Source Platform for SOA continues to make progress bringing affordable business process agility and execution to businesses of all sizes. JBoss jBPM excites the business process and workflow developer and user community with tens of thousands of downloads per month. JBoss Rules (!) brings greater flexibility to SOA deployments by enabling businesses to manage business policies to capture business opportunities and respond to competitive threats more rapidly and affordably. JBoss Rules is also seeing ten to tens of thousands of downloads per month. This represents dramatic growth in the developer and customer base for BPM, workflow and business rules in application and SOA deployments - more than all of the proprietary and expensive BPM and rules offerings combined! JBoss ESB is now in beta test with a lot more to come.


Rather than pay hundreds of thousands of dollars of license fees for a small deployment of "breakable" and complex SOA products, more are getting the value from the Open Source Platform for SOA - JEMS. Additionally, the Open Source Platform for SOA appears to be "unbreakable" in the eyes of customers. According to a survey of JBoss Customers, as shown in the chart, we are number one in customer satisfaction across a number of key enterprise support areas.


Where do customers deploy JEMS - the affordable, unbreakable Open Source Platform for SOA? The majority of the enterprise deployments run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Windows Server. Nearly all of the rest are deployed on Solaris, HP-UX and Novell Suse Linux. Where do we not see JEMS? IBM OS/2, Sun Linux, or on any other "breakable" Linux. As a famous CEO in Washington State said once of his suite of applications when asked if he would support OS/2, "We see no demand for that platform. Our customers have no interest."


We certainly continue to work with all key SOA vendors and databases including interoperating with BEA, IBM, Oracle and other open source alternatives. JEMS is The Open Source Platform for SOA!

Here is a good article about JBoss Portal 2.4 by Denny Yost of Enterprise Open Source Journal.

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