We are very pleased to announce three important new product releases in the JBoss Middleware portfolio:

  • JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform 5.3 (available in the Customer Portal in July)
  • JBoss Enterprise Data Services Platform 5.3 (available in the Customer Portal in July)
  • JBoss Enterprise Business Rules Management System 5.3 (available in the Customer Portal today) 


Together these are key components of our vision to enable customers to integrate a wide variety of applications and services into their business processes, and create truly intelligent, integrated enterprises. JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform 5.3 and JBoss Enterprise Data Services Platform 5.3 offer new features designed to make it easier for organizations to use data intelligently and develop integration solutions more effectively.  These include:

  • Integration with JBoss Enterprise BRMS 5.3 – The ESB and data virtualization capabilities of SOA-P 5.3 and EDSP 5.3 work seamlessly with the business process management capabilities of BRMS 5.3
  • Apache Camel integration –  the popular enterprise integration ecosystem of Apache Camel can now interoperate with the ESB
  • Support for new data sources – Greenplum Database, PostgresSQL 9, and Red Hat Directory Server 9 join already-supported data services such as Teradata, Ingres, Mondrian, JSON and more. Additionally, Red Hat is offering a technology preview of a connector to Apache Hive to support big data use cases.


JBoss Enterprise BRMS is a platform for the development and automation of business processes, and includes support for Business Rules Management, Business Process Management and Complex Event Processing.  With this 5.3 release, we have introduced the new capabilities of jBPM 5, a flexible workflow engine that greatly improves visibility and agility of business logic.


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Pierre Fricke

Red Hat

Director, Integration and BPM business and marketing