It been quiet this week, because many people did attend JBoss World and JUDCon in Boston. Nevertheless we've got some important news regarding our application platform and the integration and BPM products.



EAP 6.0 on OpenShift!
It hasn't been that long since we announced the availability of EAP 6.0 and I'm really please to make another related announcement: EAP 6.0 is now running on OpenShift! If you want to get your hands dirty right away, check out Andre's article how to work with JBossTools and OpenShift. JBoss Tools for OpenShift offers a feature complete environment to work with OpenShift. From developing to deploying, JBoss Tools provides you a fully fledged environment for your project and aligns with the standard workflows within Eclipse.

Oracle FUD

Shane did publish a response to a recent Oracle blog post published about the release of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) 6.



JBoss Integration and BPM Products - Helping Customers Build an Intelligent Enterprise
We are very pleased to announce three important new product releases in the JBoss Middleware portfolio:

  • JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform 5.3 (available in the Customer Portal in July)
  • JBoss Enterprise Data Services Platform 5.3 (available in the Customer Portal in July)
  • JBoss Enterprise Business Rules Management System 5.3 (available in the Customer Portal today)


Welcome FuseSource to the JBoss family!

Red Hat has done a number of acquisitions over the years, including JBoss and Gluster. Well it's with great pleasure that for us to  announce another: FuseSource. You can find the official press release here.


New Releases


Ceylon M3 and Ceylon IDE M3 released!
Ceylon M3 "V2000" is now available for download, along with a simultaneous compatible release of Ceylon IDE. The compiler now implements almost all of the language specification, and Ceylon now fully supports both Java and JavaScript virtual machines as execution environments. The first three Ceylon platform modules are available in Ceylon Herd, the community module repository.

JBoss Portlet Bridge 2.3.1.Final Released
JBoss Portlet Bridge 2.3.1.Final is now available. This release fixes some important resource URL handling that was broken in 2.3.0.Final

First Alpha release of Hibernate Validator 5
Good news for all of you waiting for an early version of Hibernate Validator 5 in order to experiment with the new Bean Validation 1.1 (JSR 349) features.