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    Maven ESB plugin


      Some of the issues raised over the last week started me thinking about how we can integrate JBoss ESB into a maven build, the first part of which is obviously to build the esb archive.

      After going through the current options I decided that the best solution was to start a plugin specifically for the creation of our archive. I spent some time over the weekend writing this plugin and have now checked it in.

      The source code can be retrieved from subversion (https://svn.labs.jboss.com/labs/jbossesb/workspace/maven/maven-jboss-esb-plugin) and it has been deployed into the JBoss snapshot repository.

      The plugin can be used from within a pom.xml as follows

      <project ...>
       <name>JBoss Plugin Repository</name>
       <snapshots />
       <name>JBoss Snapshot Plugin Repository</name>

      The documentation is scarce at the moment, we do not yet have a location for deploying the site information, but what is currently there can be generated using 'mvn site' on the source.

      Please remember that this is not intended to be part of the ESB project, it's purpose is solely to enable maven generation of our esb artifact.

      If you have any comments on what is there, or ideas on how this can be taken forward, then please let me know.

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