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    Scrollable Datatable rows attribute and pagination

    Vijayanandraj Amaladoss Newbie


      We are using richfaces 3.1.2 GA along with Seam 2.0 GA in Jboss 4.2. The problem we have is we have defined the rows attributes in the scrollable data table. We expect rows will be dynamically fetched when a table is scrolled up and down.

      The problem we face is, suppose we have total number of records as 9 and we set the rows attribute to 8, the scroll down event doesn't bring back the last record. I assume the event is fired but the client is not refreshing.

      rowKeyVar="rkv" headerClass="DataTableHeader"
      columnClasses="DataTableColumnsOdd, DataTableColumnsEven"
      height="190px" width="960px" id="prpList" rows="5"
      value="#{beanList}" var="prpty" reRender="prpList"

      We tried even with latest richfaces distribution and it didnt work

      Any clues ?


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