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    JBoss ESB Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Machine Image (AMI)




      i make a study about JBoss ESB and i am intersted about the contribution of JBoss ESB to Cloud Computing. So can someone please explain me the following issues:


      1. is there a concepet of integration of JBoss ESB in a Cloud Computing environment?
      2. is there an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Machine Image (AMI) for JBoss ESB  or such product for other cloud provider e,g salesforce.com...?
      3. if yes, how can i invoke this AMI or is there a web link for documenttaion...?
      4. if no, how difficult is the issue to make such AMI for JBoss ESB?
      5. is there a documentaion that help me for the creation of AMI of JBoss ESB?




      Tanks in advance