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    Richfaces R.I.P, welcome ExtJS+Seam - sharing thoughts?

    Kris Kempa Newbie

      I've just seen gwt and extjs demos (and real world applications shown on extjs site) and I'm pretty impressed. It runs HUGE circles around Richfaces components... As I'm dissapointed with Richfaces GA releases which brings defunct components and regressions to already working ones, I'm seriously considering switching to ExtJS. There must be something wrong with RF development cycle, lack of test harness or simply experimental-only approach to their development. They should start to use them for themselves, not only develoing them. Every version upgrade brings another chill What do you want to see broken today? ExtJS's widgets just seem much more functional, prettier, better documented - see yourself... Why we in Java world cannot have quality componets like these from Teleric? My .NET friend is laughing on what we have compared to what Teleric has... It's the same HTML/JS at the end, so it's not a platform limit. Rather clumsy solutions only sticking around and consuming our time when we try to fight with them...

      Seam DEFINITELY needs a fully functional alternative view/components library which does not cripple him. What do you think about the future of ExtJS-Seam integration attempts? Or any other?

      Integration attempts using Seam remoting are already underway look here:
      and: here
      Fixing JBSEAM-633 and other Seam Remoting bugs could give these projects wings...

      Another approach: forum (you need to alter HS database config in hibernate.cfg.xml to run this app and learn Chinese :)).

      What do you say?

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