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    How to refer the RESTEasy libs in the Teiid VDB war deployment?

    tanmoypalit Newbie


      I am using JBoss AS 5.1 and I don't have RESTEasy setup with the server. All I do is copy all the Resteasy libs into WEB-INF/lib folder and deploy the war in Server. This works fine!!


      But now I want to deploy a Teiid VDB as a RESTEasy war in 5.1 server. The resteasy war created by Teiid Designer 7.7 doesn't have any WEB-INF/lib folder in it.

      How do I refer the RESTEasy libs (currently these jars resides in a local directory of my machine) in the WAR created from VDB using Teiid designer? I tried to check "Include RESTEasy Jars in lib Folder of WAR" but it didn't work.


      I will really appreciate any help on this.



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