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    WSRP service removal procedure - JBoss AS7 - GateIn 3.3.0, 3.4.0




      This wiki explains how to remove the WSRP service from the GateIn Portal, but it is for JBoss AS5.



      This post does it, but for JBoss AS6 :



      For JBoss AS7, here is what to do :



      In the JBOSS_HOME/gatein/deployments folder, remove :

      - The gatein-wsrp-integration.ear file.

      - The gatein-wsrp-integration.ear.deployed file (if exists).


      In : JBOSS_HOME/gatein/deployments/gatein.ear/META-INF/application.xml

      For the modules for wsrp-admin-gui.war, and wsrp-producer.war.

      Nothing to do : it is yet commented (at least in version GateIn-3.3.0-FINAL and GateIn 3.4.0-M01).


      In the file : JBOSS_HOME/gatein/deployments/gatein.ear/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF

      Remove the dependency on "org.gatein.wsrp".


      In the file : JBOSS_HOME/gatein/deployments/gatein.ear/portal.war/WEB-INF/conf/portal/portal-configuration.xml

      Remove the "<value>org.exoplatform.portal.pom.spi.wsrp.WSRPState</value>", in the ChromatticManager configuration.

      This is not mandatory, but will make it more clean.


      In the file : JBOSS_HOME/gatein/modules/org/gatein/lib/main/module.xml

      Remove the module for "org.gatein.wsrp.integration" (at the end of the file).


      Remove the folder : JBOSS_HOME/gatein/modules/org/gatein/wsrp


      In the file : JBOSS_HOME/standalone/configuration/gatein/configuration.xml

      Remove the dependency of the PortalContainer : "<string>wsrp-producer</string>"



      I hope that is all that is requiered.

      I may have missed some other thing to do.

      Please, complete this recipe, in next posts, if needed.


      As you can see, now, the integration of WSRP is really nice, with almost every thing in the ear, and very few "small" indication in the core files.

      Note : before, you had to modify the repository configuration file, in the core GateIn.ear. Know, this config has been set inside a Portal Extension, that is inside the gatein-wsrp-integration.ear.


      Thank you to the team, for all that.

      And to Chris Laprun, if he is still the one doing all the WSRP part.



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