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    How to connect to Teiid VDB through Linux server ?

    Ravindra Singh Newbie

      I am new to DV Teiid and as per my requirement i need to connect and pull data from Teiid connection which has been provided.



      I am looking for similar command or CLI like in Netzza we have NZSQL through which i can provide necessary arguments and get it connected.



      Do we have such utility for Teiid which i can connect using Linux server.



      I saw few post which asked for installing "psqlodbc-xx.xx.xxxx.tar.gz" driver and then make "https://developer.jboss.org/"

      and ODBC;DRIVER={PostgreSQL};DATABASE=<vdb-name>;SERVER=<host-name>;PORT=<port>;Uid=<username>;Pwd=<password> 



      Please let me know if we have any better way of connecting and pulling data from Teiid.



      Thanks In advance.

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