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    8.13.1 bundled wildfly weird look & resource adapter list...

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      I downloaded the "8.13.1 With WildFly" bundle, and started it like


      #bin/standalone.sh -c standalone-teiid.xml -b .bmanagement


      Exploring the web console different from eap, I noticed there are 11 resource adapters listed but I can't see any their names ("archive" field) of them both on the list and on the editable attributes/properties fields below... for every one I can follow the "view>>" link on the list which allows me to add connection definitions... but I can't see anywhere which RA I'm adding to...? weird.


      from jboss-cli I can "see" those adapters are there though...


      ls /subsystem=resource-adapters/resource-adapter

      accumulo       cassandra      file           google         ldap           mongodb        salesforce     salesforce-34  simpledb       solr           webservice  


      perhaps they are just not visible in thw web interface...


      If I run the AS with the most basic conf (no teiid) that list is empty but if I add manually a dummy "resource adapter" entering both required "archive" and "tx" fields then they are shown in the list instead...


      I checked this on recent firefox, ie, chrome both on win7 and linux... ? what's happening here?


      btw this wikdfly also shows a EAP logo and teiid 8.7, which is also weird, brcause is the exact opposite of what happened on 8.12 eap bundle (see Which Teiid/AS versions... at runtime?) ...


      for comparison see the ouptut of jboss-cli "version" command on hte same server...


      JBoss Admin Command-line Interface

      JBOSS_HOME: /opt/teiid-8.13.1

      JBoss AS release: 1.0.2.Final "Kenny"

      JBoss AS product: Teiid + Teiid 8.7

      JAVA_HOME: null

      java.version: 1.7.0_91

      java.vm.vendor: Oracle Corporation

      java.vm.version: 24.91-b01

      os.name: Linux

      os.version: 3.2.0-4-amd64



      see the screenshots below




      May I download a wildfly 10 final and try teiid over it?

      Or at least try 8.13.1 on the another version of wildfly or eap without those problems?