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    Testing new 9.3.4 weird console VDB layout

    Marco Ardito Master


      my "production" server uses a teiid/wildlfy bundle 9.0.2 (wildfly 9) and runs a few VDBs.


      Now I'm testing on my windows pc a teiid/wildlfy bundle 9.3.4 (wildfly 10) trying to load all "production" VDBs, converting -xml files to ddl, and such...

      All works fine until now, but today I noticed that the console shows (apparenlty) 25! DDL "schema" columns (those where you can click the DDL button to get the model DDL schema), instead of just... one, as in the "production" server


      I had to edit the css to let the console show all of the columns, otherwise it's too tight but here is what I loaded in two tiles in firefox:



      I previously loaded into the new 9.3.4 almost all the 5 VDBs I have in production, and also a (renamed) copy of one big VDB converted to DDL (this big one has many models, around 23 and imports 3 other VDBs)


      Now in the testing one I disabled all VDBs except one, which has just 4 models... this is what you see above compared

      but now I see this weird console layout... btw all DDL buttons in the same row give the same popup result...


      What could this be?



      that weird layout survived even a  server "reload" from the web gui, but after I stopped and restarted wildfly/teiid, it's gone and I have back just one...

      I'll try to reproduce it if possible, any hints welcome.


      Thanks, Marco