In his latest blog entry jonathan gets religion


Quotes such as the following show a radical change of mindset

In my view, the economics of free and open source software are identical to the economics of free search, TV, radio, checking accounts or mobile phones - the money's not in the access to the product, it's in the services and value delivered around the product.



What I've seen customers wanting is open source, open standards, and an open dialog with vendors willing to stand behind their products. They've had enough duplicity and scare tactics.


I would like to expand on the first point. Yes what the customers want is free software that is supported and by doing away with the license you focus your value proposition on the implementation of the software. This is a message that clearly resonates in our sales organization. OSS is in fact changing the way software is built distributed and supported. The value proposition is compelling and the movement to free software is one driven by the customers themselves.


On the second point of open source open standards and open dialog, jonathan is sounding very evangelical all of the sudden, pretty soon we will hear him say "and remember I love you".


Also for those of you that didn't catch that bit in his PS

ps. stay tuned for news on Java's open source accessibility, too...




PS: the night he was speaking at that Churchill thing, I was speaking at Stanford VLAB, it was a blast and we had a full house. That is where the action was :) So there.