In case you missed this snoozer of an announcement (I actually won't even bother to link to it it is so boring), SUN will open source its app server. Actually it is not even supposed to be a real open source license, since it is yet another invention of SUN. However, the truth is that it is irrelevant what kind of licenses they use since the whole thing is irrelevant anyway.


What are they going to do now? fight it out for second place? With IBM? Oh this is going to be fun. On one side you have SUN, a company that could never release (or rerelease or rererelease for that matter) a successful appserver vs IBM, a company that never understood mass market software distribution. Both of them have crappy products to boot, one still has to write it and the other one gave up on trying to write it.


Onto SERIOUSLY MORE INTERESTING THINGS, I strongly recommend the movie Harold and Kumar Go to Whitecastle Seriously this is the best movie and the funniest movie I have seen in a long time. If you liked "Napoleon Dynamite" or "Better Off Dead", you are going to love this. I have seen it twice already and both times I burst out laughing. Out there, but with a word of caution: not for the faint of heart.


Other than that I am stuck in class for this whole week. I get to reflect on "what kind of manager am I", all day long in this executive class at Emory University here in Atlanta. I am a little bit bored but it is pretty good and it is entertaining. You have all these colorful charts and they talk about YOU. wow, a whole week looking at my executive navel.